Ready to Awaken More of Your Greatness
and Claim Your Authentic Space?

Within you right now is an incredible source of power.

It is estimated that the average human being has over a trillion cells in their body that are all engaged in a myriad of life-sustaining transactions and interactions. Each of these cells is said to be able to hold 1.17 volts. Do the math and you will realise that that’s an incredible amount of potential that is present at our fingertips.

Yet how many of us are fully activating, engaging and using that innate potential every day?

While many of us take this essence for granted, we have all had experiences where we know without a doubt that something bigger moves through us and within us.

Often, it is in the moments when we are most engaged in our highest and most meaningful work that this ‘flow of energy’ presents itself to us. We are here to make a difference, and while we cannot simply rely on our own energy to fuel our endeavours and pursuits, we need to be willing to find those unique ‘points of presence’ in our lives where our greatest energy and potential is activated.

Living from Your Sweet Spot

Your G-Spot, or ‘Greatness Spot’ as I like to call it, represents the divine intersection of your greatest talents, gifts and abilities. It is also the point at which you expand seamlessly into your highest potential, where time seems to stop, energy flows and you awaken a greater essence within your being.

It is in this place that your passion meets with your true purpose. In the same way that a tennis player knows what it is like to hit a ball from the sweet spot of their tennis racquet, when you find your G-spot, and then dedicate your life to living from this place consistently, your world changes.

Discovering Your Unique Point of Presence

One of the greatest challenges for most visionary leaders is that their message fails to stand out from the deafening noise of the crowd. Learning to differentiate and position yourself as an authority in your field is fundamental for success.

However, many people focus too widely when attempting to captivate, move and influence their audience.
Before you can influence others, you first need to be in congruence with yourself. Identifying your own personal G-spot will help you get clear on your essence and help you define your own personal brand.

So how do you find your G-spot?

Well, it’s most often found at the intersection of:

  • What you are great at (your talents, skills and innate abilities).
  • What you love doing (your passions and purpose in action).
  • How you serve and contribute in the greatest way (your path of service)

Finding Purpose and Making a Sustainable Living from It

According to the guys at Hustle & Grind, your true energy, calling and purpose is often found at the intersection of:

  • What you love doing
  • What you are great at
  • And what helps you be of service to the world

But in order to transition from just having a ‘job’ to fulfilling your ‘calling’, you must be willing to also find the fourth element … which is your ability to monetise your passion and turn it into something that fulfills you financially as well.

5 Essential Tips to Claim Your Space Now

Working and living from a place of purpose and calling takes commitment. It takes a decision to value yourself, and your gifts enough that you consciously choose to follow your own inner-calling for a life of more. It also means preparing yourself to receive the rewards of that decision when you finally are ready to take the leap into your genius, your place of flow, your unique offering for the world. 

Tip#1: Take Time to Work Strategically on Your Own Life or Business

In a world of constant busyness, uncertainty and distraction it can be difficult to find time to stop and reflect on what we ‘really want’ our lives to be about. Taking regular retreats, creative sojourns, attending reflective workshops and growth programs can help us create the space that is necessary to receive the inner-wisdom of our soul.

Tip#2: Follow Your Own Path

You are unique individual. With more than 7 billion people on our planet, there is no one exactly the same as you. Instead of buying into societies conditioning of competition and comparison with others, we are all being called to simply find our own unique gifts and stand out as the beacon of light we came to be. When you consciously accept that you are already ‘more than enough’ and give up the ego’s constant comparison to others, you free yourself to live the life YOU were born to live.

Tip#3: Greatness Already Exists Within You

We have all experienced moments in our own lives where we found ourselves in a state of flow, connected creativity, where time disappeared, and we were lost in a pastime or activity that engaged us. In these moments, when we drop into our present consciousness, we literally open the door to our higher-self, our greatest self to shine forth and be present. Greatness already exists within you. Simply get lost in what you love and you will find the path home to your soul’s magnificence.

Tip#4: Let Down Your Shields and Walls

Take a look at the shields and walls of protection that have served to keep safe. Let go and release those that no longer serve your highest good. Walls and shields create separation from our truth. While they may keep vulnerability at bay, in reality they consume tremendous amounts of our unconscious energy to maintain their presence. Freedom begins the moment we are willing to drop our shields, masks and walls, and allow the light of healing to fill past wounds and cracks and restore our past into wholeness.

Tip#5: Ignite Your Own Inner-Light and Be a Beacon for Others

Every experience we have ever had serves as a teacher to help us become more of who we were truly created to be. There is no greater path that one can take than to simply find their own light, truth and path, and to then BE a beacon of hope and possibility for others. From the abused housewife that finds the strength to form a group for other woman, to the young teen that sees an opportunity to serve the homeless. Now is the time to claim your space. To find your true calling and centre and be a greater ‘light for the world’.

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