Desperately Trying to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted,
Only to Find Yourself Feeling Flat and Frustrated?

Frustration is a complex, yet interesting emotionIt’s an emotion that we all will have experienced at some point in our lives, that either has the capacity to enslave us and keep us imprisoned within our own experience, or that can encourage and raise us to greater levels of personal freedom, greatness and fulfillment.

Whether it be consistently receiving rejections after rejection when applying for a new job, a loved one or friend who just won’t listen to reason or simply being stuck in traffic and not being able to move, frustration is a powerful indicator that our soul and spirit may be out of alignment with our highest good.

As human beings we were born to grow, expand, learn and to evolve.  The moment that we experience consistent periods of stagnation or not being allowed to be true to our own self, then frustration often follows.

If you’ve been actively moving forth trying to create the results and dreams that you’ve always desired only to find yourself experiencing greater levels of frustration, resistance and set-backs – then this blog post is for you!

1. Notice Where Your Energy is Flowing


Your personal energy and emotions are a great indicator of the quality of experience you are willing to attract and accept into your life.

When our energy is high and expansive, we begin to resonate the opportunities, people and events that also help us expand. However, when our energy is in a state of contract or stagnation then frustration, despondency and fear begin to manifest.

Noticing where your energy is going in each moment is therefore critical to maintaining high states of personal effectiveness and performance. More importantly is also understanding whether your actions are being driven from fear i.e. moving away from something you don’t want, as compared from love i.e. moving towards something you really desire and want.

In any situation where you are not experiencing the results that you want, then there is a good chance that you are unconsciously out of rapport and alignment with what you really want on the conscious level. Which is why it helps to then look at the unconscious beliefs and patterns you are continuing to hold onto by simply asking yourself:

What am I choosing to believe about this situation

that makes me react this way?

Awareness of where your energy is being directed to in each moment is the key to greater levels of personal freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

2. What You Resist Persists

Does it feel like you have been hitting your head against a brick wall? If so, I have two words for you. Stop it!

There is a great video from the 1970’s TV show ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ where the actor plays the role of a psychotherapist who is working with a woman who has an innate fear of being buried alive in a box. It’s a great sketch on understanding how we humans can get so caught up in our own stories that keep us stuck and self-perpetuating the same patterns. When all along we have the power to change our reality, by simply stopping or changing the limiting stories we tell ourselves.

Afterall, what we continue to resist – persists.

As human beings we can often find ourselves stuck in limiting patterns where we repeat the same behaviour repeatedly, while expecting a different result. However, if the door to progress is continuously blocked, then it may be a sign to stop, take a breather and change your approach.

When we embrace a spirit of adaptability and a willingness to give up our ego’s need for control or stubbornness, then we free ourselves to a greater reality and expanded opportunities.

The moment you let go of your need to be right, to succeed, to struggle and to strive,
then you crate the space for providence to follow.

3. Where is Your Focus?

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to take part in what was at the time the world’s longest fire-walk over hot coals. Apart from the realisation that as a human being we have an immense capacity to overcome our fears, what this experience taught me was that what we continue to focus on we will create.

During a fire-walk what you don’t want to be doing is looking at and focusing on is the coals in front of you. However, for most people this behaviour is almost conditioned. For if there is a threat of any kind presenting itself to us, the body and minds desire for self-preservation triggers the sympathetic nervous system into its flight or fright response. The result is that people get burnt.

Instead, the coaches and trainers supporting the fire lanes encourage the participants to keep their eyes up, to focus on the end of the coals and to say to themselves ‘cool moss’. All these behaviours condition the mind to create a new state of awareness that is beyond the current experience. By learning how to consciously and unconsciously direct their attention to ‘what the do want’ instead of what they ‘don’t want’ creates the platform for a new reality.

“Where your focus goes – your energy flows”

Therefore, if a part of your is feeling frustrated in any way, take a moment to assess where your energy and focus is pointed. Is at the problem in front of you, the brick wall holding you back, the person who has said no – it can’t be done? If so, begin now to change your focus to what you ‘really want instead’ and why having and feeling that is important to you right now.

4. Ask Yourself a Better Question

Often the patterns and behaviours we continue to create and perpetuate in our lives are defined by the questions and thinking that we hold at the forefront of our awareness and mind.

Change your questions and you immediately change your  thinking. Change your thinking and you can change your focus. Change your focus and you change your feelings. Change your feelings and your entire actions and behaviour may change.

So, look at the predominant question that you keep asking yourself in your situation of ‘being stuck’ or ‘frustrated’.

Is it grounded in fear and blame such as …

  • Why do I keep creating the same mistakes?
  • Why is this person/belief/pattern stopping me?
  • Why am I failing at this?

Instead seek to ask a better question that activates your creative power, presence and potential, such as:

  • Who am I being encouraged to become in order to experience greater flow, freedom and fulfillment in my life?
  • How can I use my great creative gifts and power to manifest a breakthrough in this area of my life?
  • What would be truly possible for me if I was to surrender, release and let go of this feeling of limitation once and for all?

5. What’s the Gift in this Situation?

Every situation we experience in our lives is at some level created in our consciousness in order to teach and help us grow. Your experience of frustration is no different. When we continually push against doors that are closed or continue to keep hitting our own heads against ‘brick walls’ in our lives that refuse to open, then we alone are responsible for our experience. The lesson here is ‘that what we resist – persists’.

So, in these moments its far more advisable to stop, take a  step back, breath in deeply, let go and ask yourself – ‘What’s the greatest gift in this entire experience?’, ‘What’s this situation teaching me?’, ‘How is this experience a blessing for me and others?’

Making a list of at least 100 reasons shy your current  experience is a gift to you and others has the power to help free you from the mindset of ‘being stuck’ and will instead open your awareness and energy to better understand and see the path to freedom and flow that awaits you.

Ready to Break Free and Realise a More Fulfilling Future?

Are you in a place where resistance, frustration and limitation have been stealing the joy from your life?

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