A Unique Seven Week Program to Help You Awaken
Your Soul Purpose, Develop Your Intuition, Create More Fulfilment
Set Sail for a Greater Life!

 “At the heart of every human being is a calling for greatness,
a desire to experience a life of greater purpose, greater happiness and greater fulfilment.

It’s not just in some of us, it’s in all of us!”

A new Melbourne ‘Awaken Your Soul Path’ workshop has now been scheduled for October 2012.

This workshop series held over 7 weeks will help you to connect more closely with your soul purpose, gain greater clarity and direction, and help you develop your own intuition and connection to source, so you can create and enjoy a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

1. Do you have a clear and compelling vision for your life?
2. Are you doing what you love and living your life on purpose?
3. Is your energy flowing clearly towards your most important life goals and dreams?
4. Is your identity and presence attracting the right people, places and opportunities?
5. Are you receiving the other 99% of your highest good?
6. Is fear or limitation holding you back from living your greatest life?
7. Are you really happy?

 What If There Were a Way to Connect More Closely With Your Soul
 and Awaken Your Greatest Potential?

The Awaken Your Soul Purpose  program will provide you with the resources, insights and practices to help you re-awaken your soul’s highest potential and create a life of greater happiness, purpose and fulfilment.
Awaken Your Soul Path Program

  • ŸLearn how to connect with your unique soul path and life purpose which will help provide you with a revitalised sense of clarity, focus and direction in life.
  • Activate your personal destiny by learning how to set and create powerful intentions for your life, which will allow you to realise your dreams and goals more rapidly, and with greater ease and flow.
  • Discover how to actively reclaim your power and develop new levels of self-belief and confidence in your self, so that you can be the master of your own life and destiny.
  • Learn to clear limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back from receiving and experiencing your highest good.
  • Create greater levels of internal alignment between heart, mind, body and soul, which will allow you to liberate your life-force energy and bring greater happiness, enthusiasm and fulfilment in your life

Best of all you will have the opportunity to take one goal that you are most passionate about in your life and use it as a special ‘Soul Intention Project’ for the duration of the 7 week program. Just imagine what it would be like to accelerate your results, and achieve more with less time, effort and stress!

This program will help you reconnect with your soul purpose, reclaim your power,
and develop the confidence and self-belief to live your greatest life.

Next Program Commences:             Wednesday 24 October
Where:                                                Living Now Centre, Seaford

Investment:                                        $350  (Payment plan option available)

Special October 2-for-1 Offer:          Bring a friend and pay for just one ticket.

Download Brochure (PDF):              Download PDF

For Bookings and Information Regarding this Workshop
Call Les on 0414 298 203 or  email info[@]thegreatnessconnection.com