Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Here you will find further details of the wide variety of coaching, mentoring & training programs that are available at The Greatness Connection.

At The Greatness Connection are coaches specialise in helping individuals and organisations transform patterns of limitation into power; lack of clarity into exceptional focus; playing small into realising great dreams; holding back into creating a life of significance, meaning and purpose.

Life – Business – Executive | Empowerment Coaching Programs

Coaching is a usually held as a series of one-on-one conversations, either in person, via telephone, Skype or internet. The duration of coaching will vary depending on the goals and outcomes of each client. These programs include … Read more

Benefits of Coaching for Success and Empowerment

Its no coincidence that professional athletes and executives invest in high performance coaches to help them develop, improve and master their game. Having been a student of human potential for over 20 years one thing really stands out – that most people often already have the capacity, knowledge and intellect to create transformational results in every area of their life … however they just don’t do it!  Just imagine what you could accomplish working with your own personal coach…Read more