The Greatness Connection is a rapidly growing international community of aspiring individuals, business owners and spirited leaders who are passionate about fulfilling their purpose, committed to following their inner-calling, building enlightened wealth and making a positive and significant difference in the world.

Members of The Greatness Connection Community Receive Access To:

  • Transformational personal, spiritual and business empowerment programs
  • The Greatness Connection: Personal Mentoring Program
  • Connection with an inspired and engaged community of like-minded people
  • Access to regular online and live workshops, seminars and events featuring both local and international guest speakers and experts
  • Regular group coaching, mentoring, training, accountability and support

The 5 Key Levels of Greatness

The Greatness Connection Personal Mentoring Program has been designed to work on 5 key levels by:

  1. Expanding Personal Awareness – Providing a regular focus point for participants to ‘work on themselves and their goals’ instead of getting caught in the busyness of life.
  2. Facilitated Mentoring – Providing facilitated mentoring in a group environment to help participants move beyond their mental, emotional and spiritual patterns of limitation.
  3. Power of the Mastermind – Embracing the collective environment, energy, ideas, innovation and thought of a group of individuals dedicated to greatness.
  4. Activated Coaching– Access to regular group coaching tele-calls and sessions.
  5. Empowerment Resources – Providing a foundation program of resources for creating an extraordinary life.

Here’s Some of What You Will Experience:

  • Be part of this global Greatness Connection Community of like minded individuals that are dedicated to ‘living their greatness’ and experiencing lives of incredible fulfilment
  • Open and expand your self to new levels of growth, development and awareness – and in doing so create a quantum leap in your personal results, happiness and prosperity
  • Be part of a purposeful community of engaged, inspiring and focused individuals who are committed to your personal and professional success
  • Gain the clarity and focus required to direct your energy with intensity and power towards your goals
  • Connect powerfully with the calling of your soul and activate its divine energy towards living your life with greater purpose and meaning
  • Activate and apply the core principles for greatness in your life on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Enjoy an open forum for building new personal and business relationships, sharing ideas, and collaborating on new levels
  • Gain fresh new insights, ideas and expand your creative potential through facilitated group sessions
  • Learn directly from guest speakers, industry experts and a variety of leading global mentors

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for individuals who aspire to have and experience more in their lives. If deep within your soul there is a calling for greater growth, greater fulfilment and greater self-expression then this program is for you.

Applications for 2012 are Now Open!

Membership to The Greatness Connection Community – Personal Empowerment Program (Empower) is by application only.

To register your interest simply click the button below and complete the online application form. Once your application has been received you will be contacted by one of our Greatness Connection coaches within 48 hours to get you started.

Foundation memberships for The Greatness Connection – Personal Empowerment Program begin in July 2012.