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Whether your goals are to create greater freedom, enjoy more prosperity, build deep and satisfying relationships, discover your life purpose and passion, or just a desire to live a happier more fulfilling life – then our online and live programs can help raise your capacity for greatness and empower you to the next level.

Each of these programs has been designed to help accelerate your personal evolution, growth and consciousness so that you can experience greater levels of freedom, direction, meaning and significance in your life. You will discover how to awaken your heart, soul and spirit and align them to create new levels of power, passion and purpose.

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Join us for our regular series of online Masterclasses where we interview Life Leaders, Business Experts and Great Masters from around the world. Members also can enjoy exclusive access to closed-circle mentoring, mastermind and empowerment sessions.

Networking Events

Attend one of our quarterly Greatness Connection Networking Events and learn from some of the best personal, spiritual and business growth experts in the country. Be inspired to take your life, dreams and career to the next level. Meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion and purpose for a life of greatness.

The Greatness Experience Seminar

Join us for this 2 day interactive and transformational seminar program that will help you to triumph over your fears, reconnect with your highest potential and get greater clarity and purpose for what you truly want in your life.

This experiential program will share with you the principles, practices and wisdom that the greatest and most successful leaders of our time have used to create lives of purpose, passion, power and significance.

Learn to apply the key principles of The Greatness Effect to live your greatest life and develop the confidence and courage to be all that you were created to be.

Upcoming Events

Awaken Your Soul's Highest PotentialAwaken Your Soul’s Potential Workshop – Melbourne – 21st March 2012

Discover an Engaging 7 Week Program That Will Help You Awaken Your Soul, Realise Your Highest Potential and Create Your Greatest Life Now