Well, it’s almost the end of another year, and if you’re like most people you’ve probably been busy getting ready for Christmas and the Holiday Season.

While December is usually a very busy time for most people, its also provides a great opportunity to take a some time away to reflect on the year that has passed, and to set your intentions for the new year to come.

So today I’d like to share with you a simple life strategy that really has made a significant difference in my life over the last few years that I have been using…

… and very simply its called ‘Setting a Life Theme’.

So What’s a Life Theme?

You see often we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to set goals and to make New Year resolutions that simply don’t come to fruition, or that simply don’t inspire or uplift our lives.

Setting a Life Theme on the other hand is more playful, more engaging, and is less definitive. It really is the canvass upon which you the artist can freely paint the story of your life over the coming year.

So what is a ‘Life Theme’? It’s a general theme or intent for how you would like to see your next year manifest. It becomes the metaphor by which your conscious and unconscious intentions are aligned to create, manifest and bring into being your highest life.

Examples of Some Life Theme Intention Might Be …

  • Sailing Easily Into an Ocean of Prosperity
  • Standing Up, Stepping Out, Living Courageously
  • Being the Change I Want to See
  • Embrace the Truth of Love in all I Do
  • Celebrate the Gift of Life One Day at a Time
  • Living Life on Purpose
  • Devotion to the Divine Within

3 Keys for Setting a Great Life Theme in 2014

Key #1 – Make it Engage Your Heart and Soul

It probably goes without saying – the best life themes are those that fully engage your whole heart and soul. So be playful, make it engaging, allow it to express your highest intent for the year ahead.

Infusing your theme with positive emotions helps to energise it and make it even more attractive, accelerating its opportunity to manifest and present in your life.

Ideally your life theme should stretch you beyond what is comfortable, yet be inspiring enough to make you cry!

Key #2 – Make Sure It Serves the Greater Good

It has been scientifically proven through muscle testing that the most potent and life affirming goals are usually those that have a greater outcome, a greater purpose. When your life theme not only serves you, but also serves others, and the greater good – then that elevates the vibration of your theme in consciousness allowing it to create with greater effectiveness.

Key #3 – Make It Short – And Give It Focus

As human beings we often like to complicate things. We like to make our goals and dreams often more fancy and elaborate than we need them to be. While clarity gives power, too many words and too greater dialogue also create confusion and chaos.

So make your life theme short. If you can manage to write your theme for the year in just 2-3 words then you extract the core essence of its nature. A few words also gives you the flexibility to allow consciousness and creation to manifest your intent in a myriad of ways without being tied down to just one physical form, way or method.

Going Within to Find Your ‘True’ Life Theme

Finally, remember that your ‘true’ life theme doesn’t exist within your head. Its actually held deep within your heart and soul. So make sure to use the accompanying mediation process to go within, to seek the Divine within you, to reach into the core of your heart and see where your soul wants you to navigate and manifest in 2014!

Listen to/Download the Audio Meditation Here