Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were scared to let go? Scared to fail? Scared to trust in yourself and your higher guidance?

Time to Say Goodbye to Heavy Lifting

Just recently I was listening into a conference call from America when the speaker mentioned four words that literally shook my foundation. What were those four little words … very simply … “No More Heavy Lifting”.

You see the reason that these words resonated so strongly with me is that in that holy instant I realised that deep within my being was a part of me that was highly driven. Driven to get things done. Driven to be successful. Driven to improve and be better.

The only problem was … that underlying this ‘driven motivation’ was really a fear of fully trusting myself, fully trusting my own guidance, trusting that if I was to let go of trying to control and make everything work out the way I wanted, that maybe, just maybe it would all work out in divine timing and perfection anyway!

The result … a feeling of working tirelessly … working hard … of always feeling like what I was doing was never enough …. i.e. “Lot’s of Heavy Lifting!”

Escaping a Fear Driven World

While it may surprise you … I believe that I’m not the only one out there in the world experiencing this at this moment. You see, our world has been wired to believe that we do have to work hard, that we do have to strive and sometimes struggle to get ahead. That only those who sacrifice and are at the peak of their game will get to the top of their personal field of endeavour.

But could there be another way? Could this paradigm that we have so desperately bought into really be a false illusion guaranteed to keep us stuck in the comfort of the ego’s need for security and survival?

A global consciousness that has us buy into the belief system that true freedom, joy and happiness are something that requires lots of “Heavy Lifting”.

The Essential Questions

  1. So what can we all do to allow our lives to flow with greater ease, peace and grace?
  2. How can we let go and allow our highest lives to unfold and to flourish without stress?
  3. What if in letting go of our attachment to the outcomes we most want in life we simply allowed even greater miracles to manifest?

These were all questions that arose from the gift of my
spiritual and personal dilemma of “Heavy Lifting”.

While some of us are already great students of the ‘Following the Path of Surrender’, I was guided that many of us (yes – including myself) were still to learn and experience the great benefits of this most wonderful lesson.

Insights for Following the Path of Surrender

So here are a couple of insights that I gleamed through my own experience and connection with higher guidance that may help you to ‘surrender’ to your own peace, flow and grace in your life:

#1  We fear letting go because we fear trusting in our higher source

Have you ever found yourself trying to be ‘the master controller’ of the universe? Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to make situations and events turn out the way that YOU want?

While all of us have a need to feel safe and secure, its also in these moments that we create our greatest attachment to the known, and what is certain, rather than trusting in ourselves and our higher guidance.

True faith is the ability to walk forwards without knowing. To find the inner-strength and belief in oneself to know that you are guided, you are loved and always looked after. When we fear letting go – we really fear trusting our higher source and guidance. The result? Our higher guidance simply takes a step back and allows us to drive, to learn on our own, and to fail and grow through our own experience.

However, when we surrender. When we hand over our greatest problems, our greatest concerns and know that we are in partnership with spirit, this is when our guides, masters, teachers and loved ones engage in our experience. This is when we receive and listen to the signs. When life flows and we feel that every step is guided. Heavy lifting becomes smooth sailing – and all we have to do is set our sail and enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride and trust we will reach the best destination for us (which of course, may not necessarily be the destination WE WANT!).

#2  We don’t need to know everything

So many of us wait until we have all the information, all the resources, all the certainty before we follow our inner-tuition, our inner-most intuition and take action towards our inner-most dreams and desires.

In the world of higher-guidance, the unknown holds your greatest resources and possibility for growth. Yet as human beings we fear these places. So how do we transcend our humanness, our need to know before acting?

By learning to embrace the understanding that we simply don’t need to know the outcome. All we need to do is tune into our spirit, our own guidance and ask ‘Does doing this feel good?”, “Will embracing this next step feed my soul?”, “ Will this next action bring me greater expansion, joy, growth and fulfilment in my life?”

If the feeling response from your own being, your own soul is yes … then simply take the next step.

# 3   Letting Go of the ‘Paddling Duck’ Syndrome

Have you ever noticed a duck gracefully gliding across a glistening lake? On first observations you may see a very cool level headed guy going about his daily business of foraging for food. Yet look beneath the surface and what you’ll see is a pair of duck legs paddling very quickly to stay afloat.

While ‘paddling duck syndrome’ may not just be reserved for ducks, you’ve probably also know certain people in your life that – ‘appear to have it all together’ but below the surface are paddling hard to stay afloat. Some of us may even know these people personally!

It takes a lot of effort to keep up an appearance, to make things look like they are going swimmingly well, when deep down inside the fear of falling a part and not being ‘on top of it all’ creates even greater tension.

Sometimes in these moments we’re really being called to seek help, to step beyond the illusions of ‘I can handle it’ and just say – “Hey I’m a human being having a very vulnerable experience, and that’s ok”. So stop, ask for help. Know that its ok to seek out a mentor, a coach, spiritual or inner-guidance to help you through the challenging times in life.

Most of all learn to love your inner-duck even more, and to affirm to it that there’s no need to paddle hard … indeed there’s no need for heavy lifting at all. And in the silence of your inner stillness you may just find the reassurance, hope and possibility that you have been so frantically looking to find!

Creating a New Consciousness of Ease

So my prayer, wish and desire for you for you in this year, this moment, this time in your evolution as a spiritual being having this human experience … is to simply let go of your “Heavy Lifting”.

The more that we as a humanity of connected beings embrace the consciousness of flow, peace, grace and surrender, the more we begin to create it as new paradigm, a new way of being in our world.

An Invocation for Renewed Grace, Peace and Ease

To the divinity within all that is seen and unseen.
I know that in my humanness of this experience I don’t know everything – and that’s ok.
I know that at times I feel the uncertainty and pressure of this life as my journey unfolds.

Which is why I need your help.
Which is why I crave to grow closer to you, to experience your guidance, reassurance and benevolence in this moment.

Fill me anew. Fill me with your trust, your grace, your unending reassurance.
Help me to see and believe at the core of my soul and spirit that I am ALWAYS guided, loved and open to receiving help and divine assistance.
Help me to let go of my ego’s need to know, to control, and to hold on to this myself.
Help me to surrender to divine guidance and grace in all moments.
Help me find peace in the knowing that that there is a divine plan for life and soul, and that all I is accept it and trust that it will unfold perfectly.

I now release all ‘heavy lifting’ from my life. I now surrender to the path of grace, ease and flow.
Knowing that my life will unfold perfectly in divine timing, grace and perfection for all involved.

And in knowing and trusting – I am set free to simply be me.

You Are Already Leading the Way…

In this context we all becomes the leaders of change in our own worlds … the light-bearers who lead the way, creating smooth ripples of divinely inspired progress for others to follow. And the wake that we leave in the midst of our ‘smooth sailing through life’ becomes the holy record of our transcendence to a new way of being, living and turning up in our world.

Affirmation for today: “I am open to receiving Divine Grace, Help and Assistance”

I wish you much grace, peace and flow on this exciting journey that we are all taking.