Welcome to 2015!

Wow … how exciting! Have you realised that we’ve entered a brand new gateway to another year that is so full of possibility, opportunity and potential for helping us live more fully from our highest life and soul purpose?

A New Year … And So Much New Potential

Like many people around the world I had a chance to take some time over the Christmas holiday period to simply rest, replenish and set a new foundation for the year ahead. I often find that the quiet period between Christmas and New Year is perfect time for doing a short ‘life review’, and starting to get clear on intentions, outcomes and pathway forward for the year ahead.

However this year I found myself being really challenged. Because no matter ‘how hard I tried’ to review my personal goals and business plan, I just couldn’t seem to connect with the true passion and purpose that I know helps ‘light my inner-fire’ and fuels me forward towards happiness and joy.

  • Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced moments like this in your life?? 
  • Moments where you felt dis-engaged from true purpose? 
  • Or where you found parts of yourself in conflict with each other?

Creating a New Life with New Meaning

The good news is you are not alone! Even the most successful, inspired and dynamic people on the planet find themselves in the ‘valleys’ of life, waiting for the next breath of air to lift them back up the mountain of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

Serendipitously, in the moment of my own ‘valleyness’ (yes that is a word that I just invented!) I came across some notes on the unfolding of personal ‘Entelechy’ that inspired me back to purpose!

defn. Entelechy – Meaning the realisation of potential.
The condition of a thing whose essence is fully realised.
A vital force that directs an organism towards self-fulfilment.

You see … every living organism on the planet has its own innate intelligence and potential. Just as the entelechy of the acorn seed is to grow into a large oak tree, just as the small green caterpillar will one day transform into the magnificent Ulysess Butterfly, you too have a program for great success, happiness and meaningfulness programmed within you. This often hidden, yet innate potential is usually found at the intersection of your own personal sweet spot i.e. what you love to do, your innate talents and gifts, and your soul purpose and desires.

At a deep level of being there is an aspect of your soul and spirit that already knows your highest purpose. Often for most people it is simply our conditioned fears, self-doubts and limiting beliefs that keep us separated from realising our own greatness and purpose.

What Aristotle Knew about Potentiality

Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle was one of the great proponents of Entelechy. He realised that who we are is much more than just our physical body. That among the cells, organs and tissue is a far greater organising power – a subtle but powerful essence that permeates our entire consciousness. When our soul truly connects with this essence we become alive, our inner-flame is fanned into being, our work takes on a higher and more important level of meaning, and we become truly alive again.

So as we start 2015 how can we engage more of our own personal entelechy? How can we align ourselves over the next 12 months towards action and inspiration that is aligned with our highest good? And most importantly, how can you ‘Live More Fully from Your Purpose’?

I’d like to encourage you to take just 5 minutes from your ‘busy-ness’ to contemplate the following questions.

  • What’s my true essence? (i.e. Who are you really? Who are you being guided to become?)
  • What’s my blessing? (i.e. How am I being called to use my gifts/talents to make a difference?)
  • What’s my mission? (i.e. What am I here to do? How am I here to serve and create value?)

Each of these questions will help you to connect more deeply with your own Entelechy – your soul’s higher organising power.

  • Write the answers down.
  • Keep them with you.
  • Remind yourself often of their importance to you.
  • Let them become the guiding star by which you make all your important decisions this year.
  • Let them become the sail by which capture the heart of success, happiness and prosperity and that guide you vessel to a new and more meaningful destination this year.

So, what’s your essence?
What’s the true essence of your soul that seeks to express itself in 2015?

I’d love to know. So make sure to post and share your thoughts with us here online.

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