Find Your Ideal Path to Better Physical Health, Nutrition and Vitality and Learn to Thrive in the Midst of Change   

“Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit – the realisation that everything
we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being”

Greg Anderson, Wellness Author & Speaker

In times of great stress and change its vitally important that we make our own health, nutrition and physical vitality a priority.

So in this episode I have the great pleasure of speaking with personal trainer, clinical nutritionist, Yoga teacher and Pilates instructor, Vivienne Derwent.

Together we explore the essential keys for ‘forging’ a spiritually and physically resilient life, especially in times of great stress, uncertainty and change.

You’ll also discover how to make simple and transformational shifts in your nutrition, physical health and attitude that will help you increase your immunity, improve your energy and create the sustenance you need to live a long, healthy and vital life.  


Here’s just some of what Vivienne will be sharing …


How we're all being 'forged' to create a stronger life

How to boost your immunity and maintain vital health

How mind, body and spirit impact physical resilience

Why we must embrace the empirical insight of the ancients

How reducing inflammation creates vital health & longevity

Guest Contributor for this Episode – Vivienne Derwent

Vivienne has been in the fitness & wellness industry since 1994, and maintains a passion for knowledge and furthering her education in this specific sphere of important work for everybody at every stage of their lives, she brings a passion and a belief that everyone can improve their health, no matter what, it just takes encouragement & working with the right person.  

Bonus Content:
Recipes & Tips for Creating Vital Health

Discover the keys to transforming your health and vitality from the inside-out with these handy tips.

These two insightful quick-reference guides personally prepared by Vivienne will show you how easy it is to improve your overall nutrition, reduce inflammation and start your journey to better vital health and well-being today.

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