The 3 Essential Keys for ‘Calling Your Spirit Back’ and
Crafting a Purposeful and Empowered Life Today 

““Every step beyond the comfort zone leads you on a path
closer to discovering your ideal self.”

Les Price

We all have access to an incredible innate power to direct and shape the quality of our lives. So how can we learn to ‘call our spirit back’ and step into this presence?

In this episode I’ll personally be helping you personally identify some of the key patterns that hold most people back from living a life of greatness. Together we’ll also explore a simple 3 strategy for creating greater levels of personal awareness and stepping more fully into your authentic power and presence.


Here’s just some of what Les will be sharing …

A Simple 3 Step Process for Taking Back Your Power

The Key Patterns that Often Limit Your Personal Energy

Why Setting Good Boundaries is the Key to Self-Value

How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty and Divine Authority

Why Releasing Tolerations Can Liberate Your Life-Force

Your Host for this Episode – Les Price

Les Price is an intuitive coach, hypnotherapist, medium and spiritual teacher who has been working in the field of business, personal and spiritual empowerment for over twenty years. As the founder of The Greatness Connection and The Soul Path Academy, Les now uses his gifts to help people globally to reconnect with their soul essence, awaken their greatest dreams and live the magical lives they were truly created to live.

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