The Greatness Connection

At the heart of The Greatness Connection is a unique personal evolution and ascension program that has been designed to help you Awaken your spirit and soul’s highest potential, Clear the limitations and blocks that prevent you from having your highest good, Empower you to step in and be the powerful person you were created to be, help you develop the internal resources to Transform your life and world around you.

  • Are you ready to take the next step on your path to greater fulfilment, freedom, joy and happiness?
  • Are you ready to connect more closely with your higher-self and activate the true potential and power at the core of your soul?
  • Are you longing to experience greater levels of peace, flow, prosperity and inspiration in your life?

The Greatness Connection Mission & Causes

Our mission is to awaken and empower the lives 1,000,000+ aspiring individuals, business owners and  spirited leaders around the world so that they become ‘Spirited Warriors’; Men and women who are empowered in their greatness, who follow their inner-calling, build enlightened wealth and make a positive and significant difference to humanity by raising the light within themselves and others.

In doing this we seek to contribute to significant and worthy global causes that are aligned to our core values and that seek to bring greater empowerment to those in our world. Some of our aligned causes include:

  • Contributing to the development of housing, shelter and care for children in East Africa who have been left orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic, war, starvation and political turmoil.
  • Allocating a percentage of all membership subscriptions to KIVA for use as micro-loans to empower entrepreneurs and business owners in third-world and developing countries. With an aim of impacting 1000+ individuals we will also seek to encourage our members and community to become part of our global contribution team.
  • Creating funding streams to sponsor and sport the education of underprivileged and homeless children in both Australia, India and around the world.

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