The level of internal clarity and alignment between your soul, spirit, heart and mind is one of the greatest determinants of personal effectiveness and success – which is why it’s important to get clear.

The clearer and more aligned you are to your higher-self calling and purpose, the more your life energy (Chi) can flow with ease, grace and lightness. Whereas the more cluttered and blocked your energetic channels become the greater the levels of resistance, stagnation and powerlessness that present in your life.

Clear Live

The Clear program is an revolutionary 2 day live workshop that has been created to help you accelerate your own personal healing journey and clear many of the energetic blockages, limitations and emotional patterns that hold you back from realising your highest and greatest good.

This program works on the key energetic centres in the body (chakras) and includes key practices to align spirit and ego, and identify archetypal patterns that need balancing. The result is a life lived with more clarity, greater flow, increased harmony and greater success.