The Transform program is for aspiring individuals, business owners and spirited leaders that seek greater self-mastery and who want to develop their vision, dreams and life purpose to the next level. In this segment of the pathway the focus is on developing the key attributes, traits and modelling the excellence of the great masters.
Transform is the first level of our leadership development pathway and is the pre-cursor to our coach and Train-The-Trainer programs.

Transform Live

This exciting 5 day personal transformation program has been designed to help participants gain mastery in the 16 Areas of Personal Excellence and Gifts of the Soulâ„¢:

  • Direction
  • Inner-Wealth
  • Higher-Self Vision
  • Self-Love
  • Financial Wealth
  • Legacy
  • Power
  • Harmony
  • Light
  • Radiance
  • Journey
  • Trust
  • Prayer
  • Creation
  • Healing
  • Soul-Growth