The Secret Language of Your Body Revealed + Learn To Heal & Integrate the Power of Colour into Your Life

Join us for our next Greatness Connection Webinar on Tuesday the 5th of April where I’ll be interviewing international best-selling author, speaker and intuitive Inna Segal.

Inna is the Creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health & Wellness.

In this live webinar/teleseminar Inna will unveil the messages of the body and reveals the underlying energetic, emotional and mental causes of pain, illness and problems in your body and life.

Here’s Just Some of What You Will Learn:

  • Learn how easy it is to communicate with your body and increase your intuition.
  • Be inspired by Inna’s extraordinary story of healing herself from severe back pain, anxiety, psoriasis and stomach problems, to complete health and vitality.
  • Discover how you too can begin to heal your body and transform your life.
  • Experience a powerful healing process, guided by Inna.

The Secret Language of Your Body is Changing Lives…

Discover how Inna’s book The Secret Language of Your Body is changing lives and why world renowned doctors, best selling authors and health authorities such as Dr Bernie Siegel, Dr Christinane Northrup, Brandon Bays, Jack Canfield and others are recommending and raving about this book.

This is your unique opportunity to experience Inna live and ask her questions which can change your life.

When:                   Tuesday 5th of April

Time:                    7.30PM AEST (Vic/NSW/QLD/Tas);  5.30PM (WA/Singapore); 2.30AM (US. Pacific)

Investment:    Join us FREE via Internet or Telephone

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