Whether you realise it or not, you are an incredible creative being with an incredible creative spirit.

Everything in your life up to this point has been created as a result of the thoughts, beliefs and consciousness you have decided to hold each day. Change your thoughts and your feelings change. Change your feelings and your actions change. Change your actions and your life changes.

And yet while this concept sounds simple, the reality is that many people still continue to find themselves stuck in old patterns, limited by their beliefs and feeling powerless and helpless, unable to fully realise and manifest the life and goals that they deeply desire.

As a purpose-driven leader the light the power to awaken your own greatness and realise your soul’s potential exists in one place – within you. And the moment that you learn to tap into and activate this creative source of purpose, presence and power then your entire life experience has the capacity to be transformed. Learning to harness our innate creative potential is therefore one of the most important endeavours that anyone on a journey of self-realisation and personal growth can pursue.

  • So how can you activate more of your soul’s potential?
  • How can you begin to harness the great creative power and presence of your spirit?
  • How can you set yourself up to win what I call the ‘inner-game of success’?

Top 5 Insights for Purpose-Driven Individuals and Leaders

Here are my top 5 insights to help you ‘Win the inner-game of success’:

Insight #1: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Where is your energy and awareness going in this moment? If you are fully present then you will understand that the capacity to change and reshape your life exists within you now, in your ability to choose the direction and focus of your conscious attention.

Whether you choose to focus that attention on what is not right, what you don’t or what is not working in your life, or whether you choose to direct it to towards what you really desire and want to create is totally up to you. It’s in the moments of our awareness, the small tiny gap of mindfulness that separates reaction from response, decision from action and chaos from certainty our greatest potential for change is found. Because it is here that we can choose to redirect our energy and focus to what we want to see flourish, grow and thrive in our lives.

The key is to understand is that what you focus on grows. Therefore, always make sure to direct your attention to what you truly want and desire to create, manifest and attract into your life in each moment.

Insight #2: Fear Will Never Go Away

The moment you set a new direction and path for your life, you simultaneously activate a new paradigm of being in every one of your cells.

While change is not always easy, the moment we choose a new direction or decide to actively transform our lives in some way, the reptilian brain and flight or fright response is activated. The last thing that our ego or consciousness wants to experience is anything that would cause it to change or leave the comfort of the current ‘status quo’. Often this inner-resistance creates internal perceptions that then manifest as doubt, procrastination, a limiting of self-worth or even self-sabotage.

The key therefore is to realise that as long as you are continuing to grow you will always experience some form of fear. In fact most successful people know that the fear they encounter before trying something new will never really go away. So instead of trying to eliminate it or get rid of it, they simply find ways to turn the fear into an ally and friend.

Instead of FEAR meaning ‘Forget Everything And Run’, those who have the courage to awaken the strength of their true spirit and being realise that it can also mean ‘Face Everything And Rise’!

Therefore, what we really should be doing is saying to fear …

‘Thank you for letting me know that I am growing, however from now on you are not directing or driving my creative being, only my true soul and spirit can do that. From now on you can take a back seat and come along for the ride, but my true self, my higher-self and spirit will be the one driving from now on.’

Insight # 3: Begin Now

Are you waiting for success to find you? If so, you had better start running now!

A wise mentor once told me that in Sumo Wrestling there is a saying ‘Always wrestle from the inside of the ring’. Afterall, its no use starting to fight and get your energy moving when you’ve already been pushed outside of the circle by your opponent. Sadly, too many people rest on their laurels, expecting success and opportunity to turn up at their door step, sometimes believing that all they need do is visualise or affirm the best happening and that it will manifest as they wish. However, this is rarely ever the case.

When studying the most successful people throughout history a consistent pattern emerges. While for many achieving success may have literally taken years to realise, all of them were in motion when it happened.

Momentum is a powerful force in the universe. Often the hardest part of any project or movement is the first 15% – the getting started. However, once the human spirit is in momentum and traveling towards a worthy goal it is very hard to slow it down.

So, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances or timing to get started on your passion, your purpose, your ideal life. Start now, lean into it and let success find you along the way. When we are in a state of movement, then opportunity seems to follow. The key as Martin Luther King Jr. once said is ‘You don’t need to see the whole staircase, you simply need to take the next step in faith’.

Insight #4: Expect and Embrace Resistance Along the Way

“Wellness and happiness are the natural states of existence. We are designed by Universal Intelligence to be happy and well in all areas of life. When Universal Intelligence is allowed to flow through our inner-guidance system without resistance, problems not only dissolve, they seek to exist.”– Mahendra Trivedi

Have you ever noticed that the moment one creates a new intention or sets a new goal, that everything within you that has not yet come into alignment or resonance with your outcome or desire begins to surface as an obstacle?

Maybe you decide to set a goal to head to the gym and lose weight, and then all of a sudden your car begins to have issues that need fixing, or your boss assigns you a new task that means you need to spend more time at work. Often our unconscious limitations, fears and beliefs manifest in ways that seek to separate us from fully realising the inner-most desires we seek to create.

The key here is not to judge these things when they happen, but to simply become aware of what our consciousness is creating and bringing forth in each moment. When we can identify the limiting pattern or perception at the core of the obstacle, then we can begin to change our awareness, and in doing so change our destiny.

The realisation is that every obstacle is a blessed opportunity for you to learn, to grow and become more of who you were truly meant to be.

The obstacles are therefore vital to the creative process and are there to help you understand what you don’t want, so you can place your focus, intention and energy on what you truly desire.

Insight #5: Feel into Your Success and Have it Right Now

Dream a little…
What do you desire for your life, your business, career or relationship in the next 12 months, 5 years, 10 years?

At the heart of every goal or outcome we believe will bring us closer to success is a desire for a feeling. For example, a desire to be promoted into a higher management position at work might seem like a worthy and honourable goal. Yet if we were to delve deeper into this desire and ask ourselves ‘How would having this outcome really make me feel?’, what we might discover is that what we really want is to feel proud of ourselves, a feeling of greater financial certainty or even feeling of self-worth and value.

The difference between wanting and having is simply how we engage with the feelings and emotions behind our intentions. When we choose to see ourselves as already having what we desire, then these feelings create an amplified state of being that literally draws greater success and happiness to us.

The key therefore is to set your intentions and outcomes on greater personal success, but to fully step-in and appreciate having the intentions/outcomes manifest right now i.e. step right into the feeling of what it will be like to have the outcome you desire, fully and completely.

When you can truly appreciate the feelings of being proud of yourself, feeling financial certainty, feeling valuable right now, then what you truly desire has no choice but to follow.

Final Notes on Winning the Inner-Game of Success

Each of us must decide what success really means to us individually. No two individuals are alike, therefore your dreams and desires for realising a life of greatness will also be unique.

The greatest gift that you can give to your soul in this lifetime is the permission to dream freely, to reach beyond your perceived limitations and boundaries, and to create and craft a life that you are proud of.

Therefore, take time to sit and brainstorm at least 50 answers to the following statement …

  • When I’m living my ideal life I am …

Once you have your list of desires choose to bring your intention to them everyday and simply ask …

  • What is next step can I take today to bring this into reality?

With time, conviction and commitment to your highest visions you will begin to find that your inner-world becomes your outer-most reality. Best of all, you’ll also find that your greatest dreams will become the foundation on which your soul’s legacy is formed – one simple step, one choice, one intention at a time.

Ready to Switch on a Greater Light?

On the path of greatness, we are all being encouraged to connect with our true purpose and passion, and to live lives that fully reflect the greatness that is present within our own beings.

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