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At The Greatness Connection we’re passionate about helping aspiring individuals, heart-centred business owners and purpose-driven leaders SHINE.

Our programs and client sessions help empower individuals and organisations with the resources and insight to help them fully awaken to their purpose, unleash their potential and stand powerfully in their light. The world needs you now to find your passion, to follow your deeper sense of purpose and to most of all switch on a greater light in your life or business.

Here’s just some of the ways we help individuals and organisations SHINE …

Discover the Enlightened Approach to Success

At The Greatness Connection, we’ve created a series of transformational programs, resources and a global online community to help aspiring individuals and organisations make a BIGGER impact in the world, by learning how to …


Learn to reconnect with the source of your higher intelligence, wisdom and guidance.


Plug in a greater vision and ignite your purpose and passion.


Liberate yourself from the past and expand fully in your present.



Expand your personal influence, presence and reach.


Activate greater courage and self-belief to shine in your world.


Craft a life of significance and make a bigger difference in your world.

Years Coaching

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Awaken Your Highest Potential.

Stand Fully in Your Light.

Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

  • Are you wanting to make a significant breakthrough in your life or business?
  • Are you struggling to create the results that you want on your own?
  • Are you in need of greater accountability, guidance, direction and support?

Our intuitive and soul-centred coaching programs help clients to reconnect deeply with their innate sense of being, expand their consciousness and create greater results, happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Most of all you will learn how to break-free from patterns of limitation, connect more deeply with your purpose, expand your personal and professional results, and feel more empowered in all areas of your life. Coaching sessions can be held either in person, via telephone, Skype or Internet.

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Intuitive Guidance & Healing

  • Are you struggling to find clarity, certainty and direction?
  • Is there an area of your life or business that is consistently holding you back?
  • Are you wanting to gain freedom from past fear, limitations and beliefs?

As an intuitive healer and transformational coach Les has been helping clients gain freedom from past emotions, patterns and beliefs for over 20 years. If there is an area of your life that is holding you back, creating resistance or preventing you from moving into the life that you truly deserve, then our intuitive healing and guidance sessions can help give you back the freedom that you seek. Most of all you will leave these sessions feeling empowered with the resources and tools to stand more powerfully in you light; the direction and clarity to make more purposeful decisions; and the inner-peace and healing required to thrive and flourish.

Hypnotherapy | NLP | Time Line Therapy | EFT | DNA Healing | Genome Healing | Past Life Regression | Reiki / Intuitive Readings and Soul Guidance

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Training and Development

  • Is your business or organisation looking to expand to the next level?
  • Are you wanting to develop your staff and engage your workforce?
  • Are you looking to unleash the greatness in your own organisation?

We also run a number of public and corporate training workshops and programs on the topics of Personal Development, Peak Performance, Management and Leadership Development.

Whether you need a session on team building and development, unfolding creativity and excellence or wanting to develop your management team and leaders, our purpose-driven soft-skills and management/leadership training can help you get the most out of your people.

To discuss your needs further and organise a training needs assessment for your business or organisation please contact our office.

Leading in the Light Network

  • Do you want to be part of a growing community of transformational leaders?
  • Are you ready to make a bigger influence and impact in your world?
  • Is there a greater cause that you feel called to serve?

At The Greatness Connection we believe that environment is critical to sustaining higher levels of success. That’s why we run regular monthly networking/mentoring/coaching circles for purpose-driven leaders. These intimate coaching circles and open networking events provide our members and global community with access to leading teachers, insight, wisdom and inspiration to help them more powerfully fulfill their life and business, while also learning to Lead in the Light.

Discover a new pathway to realising your purpose and set your sail for a greater life!

What Some of Our Clients Are Saying

Les has a gift for giving business and career advice that is aligned with higher soul purpose and helping you get on track to get your best work out in to the world and make more impact.

Lauchlan McKinnon, Strategic Coach @ Clarify Your Strategy




Les delivered his program with sparkling clarity that offered simple and valuable solutions for all. Businesses and organisations across Australia and around the world would be well served in listening and applying Les’s insights to improve performance and effectiveness.



Brett Van Duppen, Economic Development Officer @ Whitehorse City Council

I have had the pleasure of working with Les for my website and it was such a joy working with somebody who had so many skills in the heart and mind. What a combination! Les’ experience in many facets of business combine beautifully with his intuition and spiritual understandings…and it is indeed a powerful combination. He made my experience a joy instead of stress and struggle.


Libby Gordon,  Principal @ Pathway to Sovereignty


What’s unique about Les is that he carries no judgement, and that he naturally takes people on a journey towards rediscovering their true, authentic self.


Gillian Harris, Corporate Facilitator @ Drucker & Associates

Les' professional skills have been just what I needed to help me sort and clarify what my business needed. His creativity, intuition and authentic spiritual focus are a wonderful bonus in such a field. Les is a rare and valuable find.


Robyn Wood,  Principal @ Work Health Wisdom


Les brings to his consultation and facilitation a lightness of being, a calm grounded presence and a sparkling clarity. Coupled with a deep respect for the person he is working with.


Taruni Falconer, Director @ Intercultural Dynamics

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