The Greatness Connection is a rapidly growing international community of aspiring business owners and individuals who are passionate about fulfilling their purpose, committed to following their inner-calling, building enlightened wealth and making a positive and significant difference in the world.

“At the heart of every organisation and individual is a calling
and desire for Greatness…  A desire to experience a life of greater
purpose, greater success and greater fulfillment.”  ~ Les Price

Members of ‘The Greatness Connection’ community receive ongoing access to:

  • Transformational personal and business development programs
  • Membership to an inspired, connected and engaged community of like-minded people
  • Ongoing leadership development
  • Access to regular international and local guest speakers and experts
  • Regular group and individual coaching and mentoring sessions

Our Mission

Our mission is to awaken and empower the lives of conscious business owners and individuals around the world so that they become ‘Spirited Warriors’ – leaders in their field that are inspired to find the greatness within themselves and others.

Global Causes

In doing this we seek to contribute to significant and worthy global causes that are aligned to our core values and that seek to bring greater empowerment to those in our world. Some of our aligned causes include:

  • Donating $30,000 USD to the Watoto foundation for the development of housing, shelter and care for children in Uganda that have been left orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic.
  • Allocating a percentage of all membership subscriptions to KIVA for use as micro-loans to empower entrepreneurs and business owners in third-world and developing countries. With an aim of impacting 1000+ individuals we will also seek to encourage our members and community to become part of our global contribution team.


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    “We are powerful creative beings that determine our future with every thought we think and every word we speak.” Cheryl Richardson Just finished reading a great excerpt from a the book “You can Create an Exceptional Life” by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. Some mornings I will just wander through my bookshelf seeking out something […]

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