Level 1 – Awaken

Deep within the heart and soul of every individual is a desire to experience a life of expansion, a life of greater meaning, significance and purpose. However, all too often the dreams of our authentic self remain hidden beneath the past-programming, belief systems and conditioning of our parents, friends, peer group and education.

The first step on every hero or heroine’s journey is to rediscover the dreamer within and activate the soul’s potential to desire, dream and create a life of magnificence – a life of greatness.

The Awaken Program will help you to connect with your authentic self, identify your divine purpose, align more closely with your higher-self and learn how to shift your consciousness to awaken your spirit and create what you desire with greater ease, purposefulness and grace.

Awaken Online

A transformational 21 day online program with daily empowerment practices, video coaching master classes and empowerment journal.  Learn more …

Awaken Live

A 2 day live seminar event that will help you develop the practices and awareness to set clear intentions, awaken your higher purpose, connect with your higher-self and guides, and create ad design a life of greatness. Learn more …