Every individual has been born with unique set of gifts and a special contribution to make to the world. Living an empowered life requires consistent development of character, courage, fortitude and faith. It requires a commitment to stepping out beyond our fears, limitations and boundary conditions of our own thinking and playing a bigger game.

Empower Online

The Personal Empowerment Program is a 12 month program available exclusively to members of The Greatness Connection and consists of a series of monthly online group sessions, audios, online mentoring and workbooks.

Each month you will receive a focused masterclass that covers the following Greatness Connection Empowerment Sessions:

  • Creating an Inspiring Vision and Cause
  • Creating Success with Ease
  • Creating Greater Life Flow
  • Creating a Powerful Personal Identity
  • Building an Unshakable Character
  • Born to Lead
  • Building Your Support Team
  • Running Towards Your Fears
  • The Power of Commitment
  • Raising Your Wealth Consciousness
  • Next Level Leadership

Empower Live

The Personal Empowerment Program can also be delivered by our highly trained coaches and facilitators who will work with you one-on-one in person, by telephone or online to help you fast-track your learning and create  breakthroughs in your personal and professional performance.

Contact our office to discover how our Empower programs can help place you on the fast-track to a more successful and fulfilling life.