Empowering Strategies for Growing and Transforming 
Your Mental Resilience from the Inside-Out

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift –
while the rational mind is its faithful servant.”

Albert Einstein

In this first episode of the Growing Stronger & Rising Beyond Fear Podcast, you’ll join Les Price for a deep-dive into the fundamental keys for thriving in times of great change.

Together we’ll explore the the 4 keys for reclaiming your power and resilience, and discover the pathway for re-framing fear in times of change, transformation and uncertainty.

You’ll also discover how to bring greater meaning and purpose through crisis, and how to lay the foundation to thrive.


Here’s just some of what Les will be sharing …


How to change your inner-story and change your life

Why it takes 21 days to formalise a new way of being

The simple 'No Tension' formula for self-actualisation

How to create good mental hygiene and self-talk

2 powerful visualisation exercises for training the mind

Your Host for this Episode – Les Price

Les Price is an intuitive coach, hypnotherapist, medium and spiritual teacher who has been working in the field of business, personal and spiritual empowerment for over twenty years. As the founder of The Greatness Connection and The Soul Path Academy, Les now uses his gifts to help people globally to reconnect with their soul essence, awaken their greatest dreams and live the magical lives they were truly created to live.

www.thegreatnessconnection.com    www.lesprice.com


Bonus Content: 6 Empowering Strategies

Download the BONUS help guide (PDF)  with 6 additional strategies that you can begin to implement today to ‘retrain’ your mind and create greater levels of personal and professional resilience in your life.

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