Are You Frustrated with Your Life Results?

Are You Frustrated with Your Life Results?

Desperately Trying to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted,
Only to Find Yourself Feeling Flat and Frustrated?

Frustration is a complex, yet interesting emotionIt’s an emotion that we all will have experienced at some point in our lives, that either has the capacity to enslave us and keep us imprisoned within our own experience, or that can encourage and raise us to greater levels of personal freedom, greatness and fulfillment.

Whether it be consistently receiving rejections after rejection when applying for a new job, a loved one or friend who just won’t listen to reason or simply being stuck in traffic and not being able to move, frustration is a powerful indicator that our soul and spirit may be out of alignment with our highest good.

As human beings we were born to grow, expand, learn and to evolve.  The moment that we experience consistent periods of stagnation or not being allowed to be true to our own self, then frustration often follows.

If you’ve been actively moving forth trying to create the results and dreams that you’ve always desired only to find yourself experiencing greater levels of frustration, resistance and set-backs – then this blog post is for you!

1. Notice Where Your Energy is Flowing


Your personal energy and emotions are a great indicator of the quality of experience you are willing to attract and accept into your life.

When our energy is high and expansive, we begin to resonate the opportunities, people and events that also help us expand. However, when our energy is in a state of contract or stagnation then frustration, despondency and fear begin to manifest.

Noticing where your energy is going in each moment is therefore critical to maintaining high states of personal effectiveness and performance. More importantly is also understanding whether your actions are being driven from fear i.e. moving away from something you don’t want, as compared from love i.e. moving towards something you really desire and want.

In any situation where you are not experiencing the results that you want, then there is a good chance that you are unconsciously out of rapport and alignment with what you really want on the conscious level. Which is why it helps to then look at the unconscious beliefs and patterns you are continuing to hold onto by simply asking yourself:

What am I choosing to believe about this situation

that makes me react this way?

Awareness of where your energy is being directed to in each moment is the key to greater levels of personal freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

2. What You Resist Persists

Does it feel like you have been hitting your head against a brick wall? If so, I have two words for you. Stop it!

There is a great video from the 1970’s TV show ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ where the actor plays the role of a psychotherapist who is working with a woman who has an innate fear of being buried alive in a box. It’s a great sketch on understanding how we humans can get so caught up in our own stories that keep us stuck and self-perpetuating the same patterns. When all along we have the power to change our reality, by simply stopping or changing the limiting stories we tell ourselves.

Afterall, what we continue to resist – persists.

As human beings we can often find ourselves stuck in limiting patterns where we repeat the same behaviour repeatedly, while expecting a different result. However, if the door to progress is continuously blocked, then it may be a sign to stop, take a breather and change your approach.

When we embrace a spirit of adaptability and a willingness to give up our ego’s need for control or stubbornness, then we free ourselves to a greater reality and expanded opportunities.

The moment you let go of your need to be right, to succeed, to struggle and to strive,
then you crate the space for providence to follow.

3. Where is Your Focus?

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to take part in what was at the time the world’s longest fire-walk over hot coals. Apart from the realisation that as a human being we have an immense capacity to overcome our fears, what this experience taught me was that what we continue to focus on we will create.

During a fire-walk what you don’t want to be doing is looking at and focusing on is the coals in front of you. However, for most people this behaviour is almost conditioned. For if there is a threat of any kind presenting itself to us, the body and minds desire for self-preservation triggers the sympathetic nervous system into its flight or fright response. The result is that people get burnt.

Instead, the coaches and trainers supporting the fire lanes encourage the participants to keep their eyes up, to focus on the end of the coals and to say to themselves ‘cool moss’. All these behaviours condition the mind to create a new state of awareness that is beyond the current experience. By learning how to consciously and unconsciously direct their attention to ‘what the do want’ instead of what they ‘don’t want’ creates the platform for a new reality.

“Where your focus goes – your energy flows”

Therefore, if a part of your is feeling frustrated in any way, take a moment to assess where your energy and focus is pointed. Is at the problem in front of you, the brick wall holding you back, the person who has said no – it can’t be done? If so, begin now to change your focus to what you ‘really want instead’ and why having and feeling that is important to you right now.

4. Ask Yourself a Better Question

Often the patterns and behaviours we continue to create and perpetuate in our lives are defined by the questions and thinking that we hold at the forefront of our awareness and mind.

Change your questions and you immediately change your  thinking. Change your thinking and you can change your focus. Change your focus and you change your feelings. Change your feelings and your entire actions and behaviour may change.

So, look at the predominant question that you keep asking yourself in your situation of ‘being stuck’ or ‘frustrated’.

Is it grounded in fear and blame such as …

  • Why do I keep creating the same mistakes?
  • Why is this person/belief/pattern stopping me?
  • Why am I failing at this?

Instead seek to ask a better question that activates your creative power, presence and potential, such as:

  • Who am I being encouraged to become in order to experience greater flow, freedom and fulfillment in my life?
  • How can I use my great creative gifts and power to manifest a breakthrough in this area of my life?
  • What would be truly possible for me if I was to surrender, release and let go of this feeling of limitation once and for all?

5. What’s the Gift in this Situation?

Every situation we experience in our lives is at some level created in our consciousness in order to teach and help us grow. Your experience of frustration is no different. When we continually push against doors that are closed or continue to keep hitting our own heads against ‘brick walls’ in our lives that refuse to open, then we alone are responsible for our experience. The lesson here is ‘that what we resist – persists’.

So, in these moments its far more advisable to stop, take a  step back, breath in deeply, let go and ask yourself – ‘What’s the greatest gift in this entire experience?’, ‘What’s this situation teaching me?’, ‘How is this experience a blessing for me and others?’

Making a list of at least 100 reasons shy your current  experience is a gift to you and others has the power to help free you from the mindset of ‘being stuck’ and will instead open your awareness and energy to better understand and see the path to freedom and flow that awaits you.

Ready to Break Free and Realise a More Fulfilling Future?

Are you in a place where resistance, frustration and limitation have been stealing the joy from your life?

If you’ve tried everything possible to change your current  situation with limited success, then a transformational breakthrough session with Les may be just what is needed to help you gain the awareness and resources to break-free and step more powerfully and presently into your future.

To find out more about booking a personal one-on-one coaching breakthrough session with Les, makes sure to contact our office.

Winning the Inner-Game of Success

Winning the Inner-Game of Success

Whether you realise it or not, you are an incredible creative being with an incredible creative spirit.

Everything in your life up to this point has been created as a result of the thoughts, beliefs and consciousness you have decided to hold each day. Change your thoughts and your feelings change. Change your feelings and your actions change. Change your actions and your life changes.

And yet while this concept sounds simple, the reality is that many people still continue to find themselves stuck in old patterns, limited by their beliefs and feeling powerless and helpless, unable to fully realise and manifest the life and goals that they deeply desire.

As a purpose-driven leader the light the power to awaken your own greatness and realise your soul’s potential exists in one place – within you. And the moment that you learn to tap into and activate this creative source of purpose, presence and power then your entire life experience has the capacity to be transformed. Learning to harness our innate creative potential is therefore one of the most important endeavours that anyone on a journey of self-realisation and personal growth can pursue.

  • So how can you activate more of your soul’s potential?
  • How can you begin to harness the great creative power and presence of your spirit?
  • How can you set yourself up to win what I call the ‘inner-game of success’?

Top 5 Insights for Purpose-Driven Individuals and Leaders

Here are my top 5 insights to help you ‘Win the inner-game of success’:

Insight #1: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Where is your energy and awareness going in this moment? If you are fully present then you will understand that the capacity to change and reshape your life exists within you now, in your ability to choose the direction and focus of your conscious attention.

Whether you choose to focus that attention on what is not right, what you don’t or what is not working in your life, or whether you choose to direct it to towards what you really desire and want to create is totally up to you. It’s in the moments of our awareness, the small tiny gap of mindfulness that separates reaction from response, decision from action and chaos from certainty our greatest potential for change is found. Because it is here that we can choose to redirect our energy and focus to what we want to see flourish, grow and thrive in our lives.

The key is to understand is that what you focus on grows. Therefore, always make sure to direct your attention to what you truly want and desire to create, manifest and attract into your life in each moment.

Insight #2: Fear Will Never Go Away

The moment you set a new direction and path for your life, you simultaneously activate a new paradigm of being in every one of your cells.

While change is not always easy, the moment we choose a new direction or decide to actively transform our lives in some way, the reptilian brain and flight or fright response is activated. The last thing that our ego or consciousness wants to experience is anything that would cause it to change or leave the comfort of the current ‘status quo’. Often this inner-resistance creates internal perceptions that then manifest as doubt, procrastination, a limiting of self-worth or even self-sabotage.

The key therefore is to realise that as long as you are continuing to grow you will always experience some form of fear. In fact most successful people know that the fear they encounter before trying something new will never really go away. So instead of trying to eliminate it or get rid of it, they simply find ways to turn the fear into an ally and friend.

Instead of FEAR meaning ‘Forget Everything And Run’, those who have the courage to awaken the strength of their true spirit and being realise that it can also mean ‘Face Everything And Rise’!

Therefore, what we really should be doing is saying to fear …

‘Thank you for letting me know that I am growing, however from now on you are not directing or driving my creative being, only my true soul and spirit can do that. From now on you can take a back seat and come along for the ride, but my true self, my higher-self and spirit will be the one driving from now on.’

Insight # 3: Begin Now

Are you waiting for success to find you? If so, you had better start running now!

A wise mentor once told me that in Sumo Wrestling there is a saying ‘Always wrestle from the inside of the ring’. Afterall, its no use starting to fight and get your energy moving when you’ve already been pushed outside of the circle by your opponent. Sadly, too many people rest on their laurels, expecting success and opportunity to turn up at their door step, sometimes believing that all they need do is visualise or affirm the best happening and that it will manifest as they wish. However, this is rarely ever the case.

When studying the most successful people throughout history a consistent pattern emerges. While for many achieving success may have literally taken years to realise, all of them were in motion when it happened.

Momentum is a powerful force in the universe. Often the hardest part of any project or movement is the first 15% – the getting started. However, once the human spirit is in momentum and traveling towards a worthy goal it is very hard to slow it down.

So, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances or timing to get started on your passion, your purpose, your ideal life. Start now, lean into it and let success find you along the way. When we are in a state of movement, then opportunity seems to follow. The key as Martin Luther King Jr. once said is ‘You don’t need to see the whole staircase, you simply need to take the next step in faith’.

Insight #4: Expect and Embrace Resistance Along the Way

“Wellness and happiness are the natural states of existence. We are designed by Universal Intelligence to be happy and well in all areas of life. When Universal Intelligence is allowed to flow through our inner-guidance system without resistance, problems not only dissolve, they seek to exist.”– Mahendra Trivedi

Have you ever noticed that the moment one creates a new intention or sets a new goal, that everything within you that has not yet come into alignment or resonance with your outcome or desire begins to surface as an obstacle?

Maybe you decide to set a goal to head to the gym and lose weight, and then all of a sudden your car begins to have issues that need fixing, or your boss assigns you a new task that means you need to spend more time at work. Often our unconscious limitations, fears and beliefs manifest in ways that seek to separate us from fully realising the inner-most desires we seek to create.

The key here is not to judge these things when they happen, but to simply become aware of what our consciousness is creating and bringing forth in each moment. When we can identify the limiting pattern or perception at the core of the obstacle, then we can begin to change our awareness, and in doing so change our destiny.

The realisation is that every obstacle is a blessed opportunity for you to learn, to grow and become more of who you were truly meant to be.

The obstacles are therefore vital to the creative process and are there to help you understand what you don’t want, so you can place your focus, intention and energy on what you truly desire.

Insight #5: Feel into Your Success and Have it Right Now

Dream a little…
What do you desire for your life, your business, career or relationship in the next 12 months, 5 years, 10 years?

At the heart of every goal or outcome we believe will bring us closer to success is a desire for a feeling. For example, a desire to be promoted into a higher management position at work might seem like a worthy and honourable goal. Yet if we were to delve deeper into this desire and ask ourselves ‘How would having this outcome really make me feel?’, what we might discover is that what we really want is to feel proud of ourselves, a feeling of greater financial certainty or even feeling of self-worth and value.

The difference between wanting and having is simply how we engage with the feelings and emotions behind our intentions. When we choose to see ourselves as already having what we desire, then these feelings create an amplified state of being that literally draws greater success and happiness to us.

The key therefore is to set your intentions and outcomes on greater personal success, but to fully step-in and appreciate having the intentions/outcomes manifest right now i.e. step right into the feeling of what it will be like to have the outcome you desire, fully and completely.

When you can truly appreciate the feelings of being proud of yourself, feeling financial certainty, feeling valuable right now, then what you truly desire has no choice but to follow.

Final Notes on Winning the Inner-Game of Success

Each of us must decide what success really means to us individually. No two individuals are alike, therefore your dreams and desires for realising a life of greatness will also be unique.

The greatest gift that you can give to your soul in this lifetime is the permission to dream freely, to reach beyond your perceived limitations and boundaries, and to create and craft a life that you are proud of.

Therefore, take time to sit and brainstorm at least 50 answers to the following statement …

  • When I’m living my ideal life I am …

Once you have your list of desires choose to bring your intention to them everyday and simply ask …

  • What is next step can I take today to bring this into reality?

With time, conviction and commitment to your highest visions you will begin to find that your inner-world becomes your outer-most reality. Best of all, you’ll also find that your greatest dreams will become the foundation on which your soul’s legacy is formed – one simple step, one choice, one intention at a time.

Ready to Switch on a Greater Light?

On the path of greatness, we are all being encouraged to connect with our true purpose and passion, and to live lives that fully reflect the greatness that is present within our own beings.

If you’re ready to expand your own presence and light in the world and to share your life message in a greater way, then make sure to check out our ‘Be the Lighthouse’ program. A unique 7-month transformational journey for soul-centred and aspiring individuals who know the time has come to awaken their innate gifts and make a bigger impact in the world. Contact our office today for more details on the program.

How to Develop a Deep Sense of Intuition and Trust

How to Develop a Deep Sense of Intuition and Trust

Do You Trust Your Sense of Clear Inner-Knowing?

Each of us are highly sensitive beings on a journey to discover the full extent of our great intuitive capacity. And we are discovering that we now have access to a dynamic and engaging sense of personal intuition that is seeking to guide us towards our highest good in each moment. Yet learning to trust and follow this inner-guidance requires trust, faith, self-belief and most of all a sense of inner-discernment.

Maybe you have also experienced those moments in life where you just knew without a shadow of a doubt that something was either true or untrue? Claircognizance or our inner-sense of ‘clear knowing’ is not a gift that is reserved for just a privileged few. It’s a gift that we all have access to and can learn to connect with in each moment.

“Lean not on anyone. You need no outer props or reassurances, for you have all deep within you. … When you know something from within, nothing or no one from without can shake it. It is something that is so real to you, it would not matter if the whole world went against you, telling you that you were wrong. … That is the joy and strength of inner-knowing. It is what can give you peace which passes all understanding.”  – Eileen Caddy


Why Clear Knowing is Important

In a world where it is easy to buy into the opinions, beliefs and judgements of others we are all being challenged to go within and seek to find our own inner-state of peace and guidance. This inner-state is something that can be activated at will, it is an energetic way of being that has the capacity to help you open-up to new levels of wisdom, understanding and guidance, should you choose to be willing to accept it.

The greatest truth that you must learn to discern and accept is your own truth.

We must start to trust, know and believe that we all have access to our own inner-state of higher-guidance, a powerful and connected source of energy that has the presence to guide us and lead us forward in each moment.


When You Know that You Know

We’ve all had those serendipitous moments where we simply know that something is true or going to happen. While we’re always receiving intuitive insight, the key is learn how to create a pattern of trust that enables our highest good to flow in each moment.

So, glance at the following checklist and see if any of these patterns relate to you:

  • I am aware of the subtle feelings in my body that tell me when something is right or wrong for me.
  • I can step back from situations and become the neutral observer that sees all sides of the picture without being caught in judgement.
  • I can separate my emotions and feelings from those of others, and in doing so I am aware of what the situation or event is trying to share with me.
  • I trust my inner most feelings and gut reaction. I know when I feel a sense that something is not quite right with a situation, event or person.
  • I can discern the truth for my own soul. I can clearly discern what are other people’s projections, judgements and beliefs without being attacked or becoming a victim of their thoughts.
  • I can take back my power and honour my own spiritual authority. In doing so I know that everything I need is within me and that I have the emotional, spiritual and mental intelligence to stand up for myself and know what is right for me.


Finding Your Centre

I often remember the times that as a child, my father would take me to the local park for a ride on the small ‘merry-go-round’. It almost seemed that the faster the wheel got, the dizzier I became.

In our lives, we can often find ourselves on the treadmill or wheel of life spinning around in circles at a fast rate. It’s at these times we are reminded to stop and come back to centre to connect with our higher-self guidance and be present to the great wisdom within.

We are reminded that often our quest for ‘busyness’ is an unconscious pattern trying
to keep us separate from going within and facing the truth of our own being.

Yet when we consciously embrace the courage to stop, go within and connect, the door way is often opened to the wisdom and intuitive insight needed to solve our greatest life issues.

In many ways we have the key to all the answers that we will ever need, within us. We just need to find our grounding, stability, presence and courage to open the door and move through it in peace.

That’s why in the ‘merry-go-rounds’ of our lives, when we simply go to the centre of the wheel, to the hub that binds all the spokes, here we have the capacity to find our true selves again.

Here we become conscious to the great presence of intuitive insight that already awaits and beckons us forward.

For in the centre of the wheel, time stops, there is no dizziness, we become one with the movement of life and we open-up our path to the great insight and wisdom that exists within.

Go to your centre when you are stressed or not at peace, and here you will find the presence to trust, believe and connect with your true higher guidance.


Developing Your Sense of Clear Knowing

Trusting your own sense of inner-guidance is a process that must be developed over time. Just like in developing a loving and nurturing relationship, we must learn to trust, honour and build up a channel of communication with our higher-self intelligence.

Here are 8 Ways You Can Deepen Your Inner-Trust Today

Give Your Knowing an Identity

Children often talk to imaginary friends as a way of communicating with their unbounded sense of creativity and imagination. When you give your sense of knowing an identity it helps you to establish a formal relationship with your ‘inner-knowing’. Whether you choose to call your ‘inner-knowing’ Merlin, the great oracle, the wise master or simply my higher-self, naming and identifying your inner-voice of truth will help you connect with it on an even deeper level.


Ask to Receive Specific Signals When You are Right

Because our body is an energetic system it is constantly giving us energetic feedback about our environment. If you have ever walked into a house or a party and had a sense of unease then you have connected with your intuitive intelligence. The key however is learning to trust and follow this guidance when it comes.

Often when I am doing energetic readings or healing sessions with clients I will feel what I call my ‘intuitive shiver’, a powerful stream of energy that runs down my body that indicates that what I have either said or shared is my truth. Learning to trust and follow these subtle yet powerful signs is a must when you are expanding your consciousness and intuitive sensitivity.


Learn to Discern Ego from Spirit

Trusting your inner-knowing will call on you to be able to distinguish the voice of your true spirit and higher-self from that of the ego. This is a learning process that will evolve over time. The key is to learn to ask your intuitive voice the following questions:

  • Is this insight coming from love or fear?
  • Is this guidance from the light?
  • Is this guidance demanding or encouraging of my spirit?

Remember true intuitive and higher-guidance will never tell you what to do. It will never leave you feeling disempowered or fearful. True guidance is supportive, encouraging, sometimes forthright and commanding, but never condescending or limiting.


Start using the statement ‘I know …’

One of the fastest ways to expand your sense of trust is to simply begin using the words ‘I know…’. Think of a situation that you require guidance on and then take out a sheet of paper. Then simply write the beginning of this sentence and then fill in the gaps on what you know about the situation. Keep repeating ‘I know …’ and keep writing answers. You may be surprised to see what your deeper consciousness already knows and understands about the situation.


Anchor Your Knowing into Consciousness

Intuitive insight requires affirmation. It requires a constant acknowledgement of the moments when you trusted your inner-knowing and followed its guidance. So today, take a moment to reflect on some of the moments in your life where you simply ‘trusted YOU’. As you take time to acknowledge each of these moments you may want to ‘anchor’ it into your physiology and consciousness by repeating a mantra such as ‘I trust my inner-knowing fully and completely’, by slapping your chest with a hand and repeating the mantra, or by simply making a fist and saying the word ‘yes’. Anchoring your intuition into consciousness is a powerful step towards realising your own self-mastery.


Trust Your First Instincts

Research by the Heart Math Institute has shown that the human heart has the capacity to intuit and sense information at a faster capacity than the mind. In fact, your heart intelligence often lets you know the answer to a question or situation milli-seconds earlier than the brain can even interpret the information. The challenge however is most of us discount or ignore the first instinct and feeling that we have.

Trusting your inner-knowing will call on you to be present to your own physical being, the inner-signals that your soul, spirit and heart is providing you in each moment. However, its not enough to just acknowledge the signals, we then need to find the inner-courage to act and respond on them.


Build Faith Through Acknowledgement

Have you ever noticed how professional dog trainers use biscuits as a reward for good behaviour? While some people may baulk at the traditional theory of stimulus and response that is part of Pavlovian conditioning, the reality is that we humans are not to unlike our four-legged friends when it comes to motivation and behaviour.

Why is this important to developing your inner-knowing? Because the more we acknowledge the moments that our intuition is on-track, when we have those clear answers and knowing, the stronger our intuition becomes. True faith after all is built through our experiences. The more we celebrate, congratulate and reaffirm the moments where we made great decisions, trusted our instincts and follow our intuition – the stronger our intuition becomes.


Turn Up the Volume on the Radio Channel

The final key to accentuating your intuitive inner-knowing is to realise that your capacity to intuit and sense information in each moment is akin to tuning into a radio station in the dark. While you may not see the actual channels on the radio, through feeling and trust you can begin to turn the dial and find a station. As you get closer to that station you make even finer adjustments to the radio dial until you have a clear, audible signal that cannot be denied.

Finding the Optimal Path to Enlightened Living

This is what is like to become attuned. To trust in your inner-spirit. It is a process of transformation where you are being called to release the control that the ego has had over you, and where you begin to allow your inner-consciousness, your inner-knowing to be your guide.

And the real blessing is that the more you begin to trust and follow your inner-knowing, through discernment and right action, the closer you come to realising your destiny with grace ease and lightness, and then …

‘Inner-knowing becomes your optimal path to true enlightenment and fulfilling your destiny on Earth’

Ready to take Your Intuitive Abilities to the Next Level?

At The Greatness Connection we run regular intuitive development programs to help you connect, access and follow your intuition. The Power of Intuitive Flow training is an engaging and interactive 7 week course based on 21 principles of intuition that will help you learn to develop greater trust, rapport and confidence in yourself, and provide you with a pathway for transforming and healing your life, business or professional life. Best of all the course is delivered as both live training as well as completely online as a self-paced learning program.

For more details make sure to check out the online training program here and details of the next live training here.

5 Master Insights to Attract and Engage More Clients

5 Master Insights to Attract and Engage More Clients

Like to attract and engage more clients with greater ease?

Recently, I was engaged by a national career development organisation to help mentor and coach their business clients and help them launch their ventures and increase the success of their businesses.

What I noticed working with these aspiring owners and entrepreneurs was that at the core of their business they all seemed to face one common problem and challenge:

‘How to promote, attract and market themselves more effectively’

Marketing and self-promotion is the at the heart of any successful business, but the rules of engagement have changed as more and more businesses go online and as customers are inundated with offers and competition.

  • So how do we stand out from the crowd?
  • How can we learn to dominate our market niche?
  • How do we become better at attracting and engaging more clients?

Well, maybe we might gain some insight from management and marketing guru Peter Drucker who once said:

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well
the product or service fits him/her and sells itself.”


The Reality as We Know It

The reality is that when many of us start our businesses we are great at being the practitioner. We often have years of refining our skills and talents in providing the service or product whether that be offering massage treatments, doing therapy with patients or cutting hair and offering beauty treatments. But many of us were never taught how to promote, share and engage people to buy and take up our offering.

While passion for our idea, product or concept will get us so far, how we actively engage
our clients and customers in the buying process is fundamental to success
whether we are doing an online or traditional marketing campaign.

So, in today’s blog I simply wanted to share 5 dynamic and transformational insights to help you engage and win more clients.

Embracing and applying these inner-shifts in your approach to marketing, promotion and sales can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make.


The 5 Master Insights

Master Insight #1: Be of Greater Service

It may sound simple, but at the core of all conscious and authentic sales, marketing and promotion is a deep desire to serve our customers. When we are focused on serving and adding value to clients, we unconsciously take the focus of ourselves, our fears and limitations and instead activate a deeper level of consciousness that allows us to influence and engage our customers more effectively.

Therefore, one of the greatest questions that you can ask yourself before a client meeting, or before entering into a pre-sales conversation or consultation is:

“How can I be of service? How can I help?”

The greater the value you deliver, the more people will pay you for your service/solution. As a rule of thumb, we should be focusing on delivering 10x more value to the customer than what they pay.


Master Insight #2: Learn to Sell Yourself First

Have you ever walked into a retail shop to find a sales person who didn’t know their product?
Have you ever had someone try to sell your something that they didn’t believe in themselves?

At it’s essence all selling and promotion is an exchange of energy. When you believe in yourself and your product or service fully and completely, then your clients and prospects pick up on that energy unconsciously and are therefore more willing and open to buy for you. It goes without saying then that …

“You can’t expect others to buy from you until you have fully sold yourself”

As an example of this, many years ago, when I first started coaching business owners I would often make appointments with businesses that were not in my area of expertise. Whether it was a restaurant or a Chinese medicine practitioner or Naturopath, I would often arrive at the appointment 10 minutes earlier. As I sat in the car meditating and focusing on a positive outcome for both the business and the owners I would brainstorm and write a list of at least 10-20 ways that I knew without a shadow of doubt that I could help them.

Taking 10 minutes to create that list was one of the most powerful exercises I could do as it gave me the confidence and reinforced my belief that ‘I could help them’ and that ‘what I had to offer was of great value’.


Master Insight #3: Value Yourself

It still surprises me the number of business owners who just don’t seem to value the service or product that they provide. While other less competent and less professional businesses offer a sub-standard product or service and seem to thrive financially.

Value is a perception and is held in the eye of the beholder. But as business owners we are the ones that need to identify our gifts, strengths, talents and uniqueness and then message and promote that in the world with appropriate reward and value. This means shifting our perception and understanding:

“That the more people pay, the more attention they pay”

So, if you have been having challenges with troublesome customers who don’t value you, don’t pay on time or never seem to have the funds to pay for your service or product, it could be time to sack them and put your energy into those that will. To do so means reframing your inner-value and beliefs by:

  • Not giving away your service or product for free
  • Not discounting – but finding ways to add more value or include bonuses
  • Being willing to group your services or sessions in programs or packages and selling them at a higher price-point (rather than settling for one-on-one sessions)
  • Introducing up-front payment or automatic payment plans that make it easy to buy from you and that take the head ache out of cancellations and changes


Master Insight #4: Help Them Solve Their Pain

At the end of the day, every business is in the business of helping customers and clients solve their problems. The greater the problem and the greater the pain, the more people are willing to pay.

Take for example the moment that you have a sever tooth ache and need to get a root canal treatment. How quickly would you want your pain to end? How much would you be willing to pay a dentist to remove the pain immediately?

To engage and attract more clients and customers we need to become experts in their problems. We need to arm ourselves with the insights, tools and marketing collateral that helps us connect with them and share our values in a way that encourages them to say ‘Yes, I need that now’.

If you don’t know your client’s problems, go out and interview them, survey them, run a focus group and get feedback or scope the numerous forums and review sites on the internet. You’ll soon get an idea of what people most want and need.

Making a list of your customers top 10 problems and then writing about how you solve those is one of the most effective tools you can create to reinforce your value in any marketing, social media or sales strategy.


Master Insight #5: Everyone is Not Your Customer

I had a young lady, an artist, come into a coaching session recently who was launching a new range of creative hand-made and hand-painted clutch bags and purses. When I asked her who her market was – the answer was EVERYONE!

While we may believe our market is everyone, the reality is that for most small and medium size businesses, when we focus on EVERYONE – we end up with NO ONE. Unless you have large pockets and unlimited marketing budget, trying to sell and promote to everyone is a recipe for failure.

The more clearly you define your target audience or tribe, the more successful you will be. Clarity has great power and enables us to refine an define our marketing strategy for optimum success. Best of all, in this day of the Internet, finding, attracting and working with a specific niche is easier than ever.

Many business owner are afraid that when they market, promote
or sell themselves that they will be rejected.

That’s why how you look at rejection needs to change. In fact the most successful businesses in the world are not afraid of ‘rejecting the people who are NOT their ideal customer.’

Fashion label Abercrombie and Fitch for example know that their apparel is for the young university student who believes that they are good looking and rich. They are not afraid to promote that, even at the expense of ‘rejecting’ the millions of other students who don’t fall in that category.


So what do you and your business stand for?

Who is your ideal target customer and audience? How can you deliver exceptional value to them?

These questions and the five principles above could be the key for helping you awaken and engage more clients and business this year.

Just remember, that we are all in the business of taking our clients and customers on a journey. The more value we can add and the clearer we can communicate our value to our customers, the more our business will grow and prosper.

Les Price is a transformational business coach, author, speaker and intuitive. If you’re looking to grow your business, attract more clients and create a visionary business that thrives, but don’t know where to start, or need guidance and insight to help improve your results, make sure to contact our office and book your coaching discovery session. Les will work with you to craft a plan for realising your business goals and help you move beyond the limitations and challenges that may be keeping you stuck and held back. Contact our office to organise your Coaching Discover session.

Finding Real Purpose and Meaning in Life

Finding Real Purpose and Meaning in Life

What will you be remembered for when you die?

I recently gave a talk to an audience on the power of living fully in our lives. The quest for finding the essence within us that makes us live each and everyday with a greater sense of purpose, passion and presence in our world.

As a transformational coach, intuitive and medium I’ve often experienced situations where client’s loved ones have presented with messages of encouragement, wanting them to make the most of the precious gift of life that they have been afforded.

And if there is one thing that separates those soul-centred leaders who have managed to create, and craft lives of greatness, it would be their ability to connect with a deep sense of PURPOSE and MISSION in their lives.

  • But what is it that really gives our lives meaning?
  • What is it that can provide us with greater purpose and direction, even in the moments when we feel lost and off-track?

I believe it’s our capacity to connect with a deep sense of mission, a greater ‘why’ that goes beyond just achieving success and instead encourages us to craft a life of greatness.

So, here’s a simple but powerful exercise that will help you connect with what’s really most important to you in life …


Life Success: Starting with the End in Mind

Several years ago, Stephen Covey, best-selling author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People defined one of the habits as being ‘Starting with the End in Mind’.

However, when it comes to our own lives, it can be easy to forget that we are only here for a limited amount of time, that our journey in this ‘Earth School’ will eventually come to an end.

So, if you really want to find more purpose, direction and passion in your life, start by asking this one question:

“What do I want to be remembered for when I die?”

This one question is powerful in its own right for it will help you uncover what is really important for you in life.

You may even want to imagine yourself travelling forward in time to your 80th birthday, or even to your own funeral service and imagine:

  • What are people are saying about you?
  • What do they remember you for?
  • What do they say was most important to you in life?
  • What stories and events do they feel shaped and defined your life?
  • What difference and impact did you make?
  • How did you contribute and enrich people’s lives?
  • What is the legacy that you left behind?

It’s a powerful process that will help you uncover your ‘true values’ in life.

Afterall, we can’t take money and material possessions with us into the next world, but what we will take and gather are the experiences, the memories, the relationships and the connections that we have made along the journey.


Time to Reimagine Your Future

Remember, the greatest gift that you have been given as a human being is in your ability to visualise, imagine and recreate your future.

If the life you have been living and the results you have produced are not what you wanted, then the good news is that you can choose to leave the past and recreate a new future by simply committing to change your approach, change your values, change your decisions and change your behaviour.

One of the greatest benefits of asking the question above is that it will allow you to see what needs to change in the time that you have remaining on the earth plane. It will also encourage you to create a new sense of purpose and mission, a powerful and compelling reason for being that will move you forward.


Make the Most of Your Dash

If you’ve ever wandered through a cemetery you may have seen the myriad of tombstones celebrating the lives of the individuals that once graced this wonderful planet. What all of these people had in common is that they were all born and they all had an expiry or end date. In fact you’ll often see this represented on the headstones by a birth year and end year.

But what is it that often separates these two years – a dash. It’s what we do in the time that we have left that makes the most difference. It’s value is in how we choose to contribute, how we choose to live, in the moments of joy that we choose to fill our lives with, who we choose to love and we choose to love them.

So, if you’re wanting to make the most of the dash that you have remaining, take some time out to carefully look at and review ‘What’s most important to you in life’. Too many people spend their entire lives climbing the ladder of success, status and materialism only to find out that the ladder was against the wrong wall.

Live Your Life Without Regret

Choosing in favour of your highest values and what’s most important to you will help you live a life that is rich, happy, meaningful and fulfilling. It’s just one way to ensure we don’t arrive at the end of our lives with regrets, wishing that we could have done things differently.

According to Australian nurse and author, Bronnie Ware, one of the greatest regrets in life for most people is that they never lived a life that was true to themselves.

Asking “What do I want to be remembered for when I die?” provides a powerfully way to connect with our own mortality, but in a way that can help you ignite the path forward to live fully by choosing to live a life that is true to your own self, your own desires and your own spirit.

So, make sure to take some time and answer this question today.
It could be one of the most purpose-filled and meaningful exercises that you could do for your life!


Ready to Switch on a Greater Light?

On the path of greatness, we are all being encouraged to connect with our true purpose and passion, and to live lives that fully reflect the greatness that is present within our own beings.

If you’re ready to expand your own presence and light in the world and to share your life message in a greater way, then make sure to check out our ‘Be the Lighthouse’ program. A unique 7-month transformational journey for soul-centred and aspiring individuals who know the time has come to awaken their innate gifts and make a bigger impact in the world. Contact our office today for more details on the program.