Discover the 10 Steps for Creating a Positive and
Resilient Psychology in Times of Uncertainty

“I am more and more convinced that our happiness or our unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of our life than on the nature of those events themselves.”

Wilhelm Von Humboldt

Welcome to the next episode of the Growing Stronger & Rising Beyond Fear Podcast, where I have the pleasure of speaking with clinical psychologist and author Tess Howells. 

Together we explore 10 insightful and purposeful strategies that we can all adopt at this time to improve our overall mental health, inner-strength and resilience.

Inside you’ll also learn why it’s important to pay attention to our inner-dialogue; why this time provides us with one of the greatest opportunities to ‘connect’ at a deeper level; and how we are all being called to find our inner-voice and to speak-out for what we truly believe. 


Here’s just some of what Tess will be sharing …


Why holding a state of 'hope' is so important at this time

How focusing on 'positive aspects' can help heal our lives

Why the real gift of this time is the need for 'connection'

How movement & healthy eating change our mental states

Why we must find 'our voice' and speak up at this time

Guest Contributor for this Episode – Tess Howells

Tess is a positive psychologist who has worked for many years with individuals in clinical practice and with organisations in the public, not-for-profit and private sectors.

With training in nutritional medicine and a depth of cultural awareness, Tess has significant experience working within mental health, and supporting rural communities in Australia. She is the author of Change Your Thinking, Change Your World and has had a passionate interest in the holistic treatment of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.  


Bonus Content:
10 Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy

In these uncertain and challenging times its important that we take better care of our mental health and resilience.

In this insightful guide, Tess shares her top 10 tips for staying mentally healthy and creating greater levels of resilience when navigating uncertainty.

Bonus Meditations: Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Enjoy these two bonus meditation programs by Tess Howells for helping reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall mental health – day and night. 


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