5 Core Beliefs that Limit Personal Success

5 Core Beliefs that Limit Personal Success

Why do we hold ourselves back from standing fully in our light?

We’ve all experienced those moments in life where we’re presented with opportunities to step up and allow our greatest light to shine. Yet for many people there can often be an unconscious, almost sabotaging pattern that holds us back from claiming our right to stand fully in our light.

On the path to discovering and embracing our greatness we therefore will be continuously encouraged to step beyond our fears, doubts and limitations, and fully embrace the magnificence of who we really are. Doing so requires courage, strength, resilience and perseverance.

  • So how can we live our highest life vision?
  • How can we embrace our destiny?
  • How can we stand more fully and completely in our light?

Here are 5 universal belief systems that I believe we all need to transcendin order to fully live our life vision:

1. The Belief I’m Not Good Enough

There is an underlying need of all human beings to be loved and accepted. This innate desire of ours from birth dictates our need to fit in and be accepted by ‘our tribe’. So, while we long for connection and belonging, at a soul and energetic level we are already whole, perfect and complete. Our greatest lesson in life is to therefore learn to love ourselves unconditionally, before expecting or reaching out for the love of others.

Unfortunately, due to the nature the competitive and often divisive nature of our society and education system, our results, output and efforts are always being compared to that of our peers. While this may be good in encouraging children to reach towards more desirable and lofty goals, the result is that often leaves us feeling like we are either not good enough, or worthy enough of success.

Our quest as evolving enlightened human beings is to therefore learn to love ourselves, and to know that we are ALREADY more than enough. In understanding that no one is any better than us, and no one is any worse than us, maybe we can begin to appreciate the inherent beauty, magnificence and grace of who we already are in this world.

2. The Belief that I’m Not Allowed

It’s often understood that young children during their imprint years (0 -7 years of age) will often hear the word ‘No’ many more times than they ever hear the word ‘Yes’.

At the corner of all self-esteem and self-resilience is an underlying need of human beings to try, act, learn and grow. This means that somewhere along the way we are going to fail. However, rather than avoid failure, what we really need is to learn more quickly. To fail, learn from the experience and then move on.

When we feel that we are ‘not allowed’ it sends a powerful signal of hopelessness and
powerlessness throughout our energetic nervous system.

So, if you feel like on a conscious or unconscious level that you are not being allowed to follow your dreams, not being allowed to speak your truth, not being allowed to stand in your light and live your highest vision, then it’s definitely time to create a new more empowering belief system.

Begin today by giving yourself simple permission to try, experience, learn and grow. Do something that others have said you’re not allowed to do. Every step forward into the realm of following your spirit and soul, and being true to yourself, creates a greater sense of self-liberation and personal power.


3. The Belief that I Won’t Be Accepted

Have you ever found yourself trying to fit in with the expectations of your peer group or family, even when you knew at a deeper level that your choices where not in alignment with your highest good?

As spiritually evolving beings we are going to find ourselves in situations where we need to make choices that support our highest and greatest good. However, often our unconscious need to be approved of and to fit in with the expectations, culture and value of our tribe can mean we give away our power inadvertently.

Thankfully in our modern society many young people are now starting to open up and speak their truth. Knowing that through their actions and self-conviction that their choices can pave the path for others to grow. The path of true leadership is of being willing to run forward of the pack, even while those behind you may not understand or appreciate just what you are trying to do.


4. The Belief that I Might Fail

Any great activity of worth implies and carries with in a risk of failure. As mentioned before, our quest is not to avoid failure, but to embrace it, learn from it and grow from it.

Often our fear of failure has more to do with our need to be accepted and to fit in with our tribe, family and society. While none of us wants to be embarrassed or humiliated, it is in the ‘frame’ and way that we view failure that our destiny will be ultimately shaped.

Just look at the life of former American president Abraham Lincoln and you will see a man that failed not once, but on many different occasions. In fact, looking at his biography one might even question how he even received the candidacy for president. However, life has a funny way of rewarding those who continue to be resilient in the face of adversity.

As the ancient Chinese proverb says … “Fall down six times, get up seven.”

The greatest testimony of humanity is in our ability to recover, rebuild and restore our lives anew. And it is in this experience of failure, restoration, growth and success that the rough piece of carbon ultimately is molded into the beautiful diamond that it came here to be.


5. The Belief that I’m Not Worthy

Take a look at the results that you are experiencing and allowing into your life at this time and you will begin to see a mirror of your sense of worthiness.

How we choose to see ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously has a tremendous impact on our life and our results. Therefore, in order to change what we are willing to receive and allow in our lives, we first have to change our own inner-sense of self-worth.

Feeling a sense of worthiness doesn’t mean we have to make ourselves look better than others, or appear to have more. Instead it implies a subtle yet underlying foundation of core belief that says “I am worthy”, “I am loved” and “Who I am is valuable and needed in the world”.

So today, as you begin the process of reframing and restoring your own sense of self-worth and value, begin to imagine yourself casting off the old clothes of doubt, limitation and restriction, and instead open your spirit to accept new clothes and a new identity that give yourself permission to shine, to live a rich and abundant life, to love and be loved.


Embracing the Courage to Shine

No matter where we are on the journey of life we are all being encouraged to stand more fully in our light. Learning to explore and move beyond the limitations and beliefs that keep us separated from our source must become our priority. For when we do we give permission for our soul to sing, to rise above the boundaries and limitations of mediocrity that may have held us captive for so long, and to fully discover the boundless and eternal power of our own soul and spirit.


Like to Know More About Breaking Free?

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How to Trust Your Intuition and Higher Guidance

How to Trust Your Intuition and Higher Guidance

How can we learn to trust and believe in our inner-guidance?

Whether we realise it or not, each of us has an incredible intuitive power and presence that is guiding us in each moment.
So, why then do so many people struggle to connect with and trust themselves?

Awakening Your Intuitive Presence

As a transformational coach, energy healer and intuitive I’ve now been helping people awaken and open their own intuitive channels for over 20 years. What I’ve noticed in that time is that there are some key practices, insights and ways of being that can truly enhance our ability to receive, trust and connect with our inner-guidance.

The result is that the more we learn to trust in our own insight, wisdom and guidance, the greater the flow, grace and ease that we experience in life. Now, that doesn’t always mean we’re going to live a life without problems or challenges. On the contrary, many of our problems and challenges are in fact ‘divine gifts’ that encourage us to dig deep within ourselves for the strength and resources to overcome them. In many ways our greatest problems also become our greatest teachers. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to resign to a life of striving, struggle and hardship.

Instead, when we learn to trust and follow the inner-guidance of our heart, soul and spirit in each moment we awaken a greater consciousness and energy within ourselves. We open our heart energy to becoming a vessel for greater guidance and inspiration, and in doing so we are encouraged to take steps of courage, faith and confidence in aligning the lives that we really want to create and realise at this time.

7 Insights from The Power of Intuitive Flow Training

Here are 7 insights from our beginner level Power of Intuitive Flow Training, our 7 week course for helping activate and engage your own intuitive intelligence, that will help you to begin to open to trusting and following your intuition more deeply.


Key #1: Intuition Speaks to You on Many Levels

While we all have access to a great intuitive power, the voice of intuition can often be subtle, a little like tuning into a radio station for the first time in the dark. It takes practice, discernment and trust.

So, as you begin to awaken to your own intuitive energy it is helpful to know that not everyone receives guidance in the same way. In fact, there are often 4 main channels that your intuition may be communicating with you in each moment:

  •  Auditory: Through an inner-voice or dialogue.
  •  Kinaesthetically: Through feelings and impressions
  •  Visually: Through images and symbolic guidance that you receive mentally
  •  Cognizance: Clear knowing and understanding that is just impressed upon you

If you’ve ever walked into a room or building and just felt that the environment was not safe, or that something was not right, then you’ll already be familiar with your emphatic or feeling intuition, which is often activated in moments of flight or fright, when we need our survival and protection instinct.

While you have one predominant channel that you work with, with the right training and development you can learn to awaken and activate your other channels in unison for greater intuitive flow and guidance.


Key #2:  Accessing Your True Knowing

Many years ago, when I was working the United Kingdom I had an insight to go and do a course in Laredo, Texas. The calling was so strong that I booked a ticket and hopped on the next plane.

The only problem was that at the time the company I was working for were still processing my working visa in the UK, which meant that there was the possibility that I would not be able to re-enter the country and would be deported on my return. Yet all along something inside of me just ‘knew’ I needed to go and that I would be taken care of. That everything would work out ok.

  • Have you ever just known that something was not right?
  • Have you ever just had a feeling you needed to call a friend?
  • Have you ever just known that you needed that you needed to continue with a path of action?

Our belief in ourselves is fundamental when developing intuition. And there is no greater belief than a sense of ‘knowing’ a deep inner-feeling that we are right, that we need to do something, or take some form of action.

So take a moment now and simply reflect back on a moment or experience when you had a deep sense of knowing, and you trusted and followed that. What did it feel like? Where did you feel it? How did your body, soul, spirit and mind let you know that you were right?

Key #3:  Move from Your Head to the Heart

Often when we are in the live Power of Intuitive Flow training I get my students to pay attention to where their inner-energy flows when they are connecting with their intuition.

Far too often because of our left-brained centric education systems we have forgotten how to connect with our heart, feelings and true sense of knowing, and so the energy often goes back up to our heads where we attempt to ‘think the solution to the answer’.

The problem is with this that the moment we end up back in the head, we have often already lost and negated the first initial energy or impression from our heart that was trying to guide us in the first place!

Therefore, the moment you find yourself going back to the head to try and find or think a solution it’s time to draw your energy and focus back to your heart.

Key #4: Open Your Inner-Senses

In expanding your intuition, you will need to learn to open your inner-senses, not just your external senses.

One of the most critical points that we focus on in our training is the centre of the throat (throat chakra) or point of communication, self-will and expression in the world. Developing this primary energy centre is essential if we are going to find our voice in the world and learn to express ourselves and our intuitive impressions and guidance. Most significantly this centre along with the solar plexus need to be opened and developed to allow you to feel and receive inner-guidance.

The more you work embracing exercises to open the throat energy centre, you will also begin further clearing and awakening the intuitive channels to your own clairaudience, which governs your ability to receive verbal guidance and messages from your higher-self and intuition.

Key #5:       Learn to Ask Better Quality Questions

The key to receiving quality guidance from your intuition is to get better at asking higher quality questions. The questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis determine the quality of our lives.

Therefore, for intuitive questioning to be valuable we need to learn to ask questions that are:

a) Specific – Clear and with one focus
b) Objective – Are not loaded with our own bias or expectation
c) Grounded in a Higher Perspective – That seek the highest truth for all involved

For example:

  • Instead of asking “Where do I find my ideal relationship? ask “What do I need to know in order to open myself to the perfect divine relationship?”
  • Instead of asking “How can I create more money?” ask “How can I allow greater abundance and prosperity to flow in my life?”
  • Instead of asking “What decision or choice do I now need to make?” ask “What choice will bring me greater joy, aliveness and happiness?”


Key #6: Build Your Self-Esteem

Listening and following our intuition and inner-guidance implies a need for great trust. Trust in our own wisdom. Trust in our higher intelligence. Trust in our connection to source.

In the same way that a lighthouse must have a firm and solid foundation in order to do its highest work of shining its light, so too, your soul and spirit require a firm foundation and base of self-esteem and self-efficacy in order to operate at their highest potential.

When we believe in ourselves, and see ourselves as worthy of guidance and insight, then our guidance and insights grow and develop. A healthy self-esteem also means that you will have much greater courage and belief in yourself to act on higher guidance when it presents.

How do we build this base of courage, self-belief and esteem?
We can start first by reflecting on all the moments in our life where we received guidance or inspiration an acted upon it. Reflecting on these moments will help you create the physiological state of trust that is required to enact and enable your intuitive presence and power.


Key #7:  Take Inspired Action

Intuition is not a one-way street. It is an intricate cycle of asking, receiving, accepting, trusting and acting.

Therefore, the more we learn to trust and ACT on our intuitive messages and guidance the more that our intuition develops, and the greater the trust that we have in it.

Learning to act on your intuition will imply a level of needing to take risk and step our of your comfort zone. In the beginning you may ask for guidance and take action, only to find that what you initially acted on did not work. It is important in these times not to give up. But to take this onboard as a learning experience.

Start to monitor your body’s feelings and signals of confirmation that you are on the right track. It may be as simple as an opening of energy in your gut area, or a light shiver that goes down your back, or a simple sense of knowing and confidence that originates in your heart. The more that you pay attention to these signals, the more you take risks and act on your guidance, the greater your opportunity to grow, evolve and become a channel for intuitive grace and presence.

It is through inspired and intuitive action that our highest lives are formed.


Ready to take Your Intuitive Abilities to the Next Level?

At The Greatness Connection we run regular intuitive development programs to help you connect, access and follow your intuition. The Power of Intuitive Flow training is an engaging and interactive 7 week course based on 21 principles of intuition that will help you learn to develop greater trust, rapport and confidence in yourself, and provide you with a pathway for transforming and healing your life, business or professional life. Best of all the course is delivered as both live training as well as completely online as a self-paced learning program.

For more details make sure to check out the online training program here and details of the next live training here.

Following the Path of Surrender

Following the Path of Surrender

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were scared to let go? Scared to fail? Scared to trust in yourself and your higher guidance?

Time to Say Goodbye to Heavy Lifting

Just recently I was listening into a conference call from America when the speaker mentioned four words that literally shook my foundation. What were those four little words … very simply … “No More Heavy Lifting”.

You see the reason that these words resonated so strongly with me is that in that holy instant I realised that deep within my being was a part of me that was highly driven. Driven to get things done. Driven to be successful. Driven to improve and be better.

The only problem was … that underlying this ‘driven motivation’ was really a fear of fully trusting myself, fully trusting my own guidance, trusting that if I was to let go of trying to control and make everything work out the way I wanted, that maybe, just maybe it would all work out in divine timing and perfection anyway!

The result … a feeling of working tirelessly … working hard … of always feeling like what I was doing was never enough …. i.e. “Lot’s of Heavy Lifting!”

Escaping a Fear Driven World

While it may surprise you … I believe that I’m not the only one out there in the world experiencing this at this moment. You see, our world has been wired to believe that we do have to work hard, that we do have to strive and sometimes struggle to get ahead. That only those who sacrifice and are at the peak of their game will get to the top of their personal field of endeavour.

But could there be another way? Could this paradigm that we have so desperately bought into really be a false illusion guaranteed to keep us stuck in the comfort of the ego’s need for security and survival?

A global consciousness that has us buy into the belief system that true freedom, joy and happiness are something that requires lots of “Heavy Lifting”.

The Essential Questions

  1. So what can we all do to allow our lives to flow with greater ease, peace and grace?
  2. How can we let go and allow our highest lives to unfold and to flourish without stress?
  3. What if in letting go of our attachment to the outcomes we most want in life we simply allowed even greater miracles to manifest?

These were all questions that arose from the gift of my
spiritual and personal dilemma of “Heavy Lifting”.

While some of us are already great students of the ‘Following the Path of Surrender’, I was guided that many of us (yes – including myself) were still to learn and experience the great benefits of this most wonderful lesson.

Insights for Following the Path of Surrender

So here are a couple of insights that I gleamed through my own experience and connection with higher guidance that may help you to ‘surrender’ to your own peace, flow and grace in your life:

#1  We fear letting go because we fear trusting in our higher source

Have you ever found yourself trying to be ‘the master controller’ of the universe? Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to make situations and events turn out the way that YOU want?

While all of us have a need to feel safe and secure, its also in these moments that we create our greatest attachment to the known, and what is certain, rather than trusting in ourselves and our higher guidance.

True faith is the ability to walk forwards without knowing. To find the inner-strength and belief in oneself to know that you are guided, you are loved and always looked after. When we fear letting go – we really fear trusting our higher source and guidance. The result? Our higher guidance simply takes a step back and allows us to drive, to learn on our own, and to fail and grow through our own experience.

However, when we surrender. When we hand over our greatest problems, our greatest concerns and know that we are in partnership with spirit, this is when our guides, masters, teachers and loved ones engage in our experience. This is when we receive and listen to the signs. When life flows and we feel that every step is guided. Heavy lifting becomes smooth sailing – and all we have to do is set our sail and enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride and trust we will reach the best destination for us (which of course, may not necessarily be the destination WE WANT!).

#2  We don’t need to know everything

So many of us wait until we have all the information, all the resources, all the certainty before we follow our inner-tuition, our inner-most intuition and take action towards our inner-most dreams and desires.

In the world of higher-guidance, the unknown holds your greatest resources and possibility for growth. Yet as human beings we fear these places. So how do we transcend our humanness, our need to know before acting?

By learning to embrace the understanding that we simply don’t need to know the outcome. All we need to do is tune into our spirit, our own guidance and ask ‘Does doing this feel good?”, “Will embracing this next step feed my soul?”, “ Will this next action bring me greater expansion, joy, growth and fulfilment in my life?”

If the feeling response from your own being, your own soul is yes … then simply take the next step.

# 3   Letting Go of the ‘Paddling Duck’ Syndrome

Have you ever noticed a duck gracefully gliding across a glistening lake? On first observations you may see a very cool level headed guy going about his daily business of foraging for food. Yet look beneath the surface and what you’ll see is a pair of duck legs paddling very quickly to stay afloat.

While ‘paddling duck syndrome’ may not just be reserved for ducks, you’ve probably also know certain people in your life that – ‘appear to have it all together’ but below the surface are paddling hard to stay afloat. Some of us may even know these people personally!

It takes a lot of effort to keep up an appearance, to make things look like they are going swimmingly well, when deep down inside the fear of falling a part and not being ‘on top of it all’ creates even greater tension.

Sometimes in these moments we’re really being called to seek help, to step beyond the illusions of ‘I can handle it’ and just say – “Hey I’m a human being having a very vulnerable experience, and that’s ok”. So stop, ask for help. Know that its ok to seek out a mentor, a coach, spiritual or inner-guidance to help you through the challenging times in life.

Most of all learn to love your inner-duck even more, and to affirm to it that there’s no need to paddle hard … indeed there’s no need for heavy lifting at all. And in the silence of your inner stillness you may just find the reassurance, hope and possibility that you have been so frantically looking to find!

Creating a New Consciousness of Ease

So my prayer, wish and desire for you for you in this year, this moment, this time in your evolution as a spiritual being having this human experience … is to simply let go of your “Heavy Lifting”.

The more that we as a humanity of connected beings embrace the consciousness of flow, peace, grace and surrender, the more we begin to create it as new paradigm, a new way of being in our world.

An Invocation for Renewed Grace, Peace and Ease

To the divinity within all that is seen and unseen.
I know that in my humanness of this experience I don’t know everything – and that’s ok.
I know that at times I feel the uncertainty and pressure of this life as my journey unfolds.

Which is why I need your help.
Which is why I crave to grow closer to you, to experience your guidance, reassurance and benevolence in this moment.

Fill me anew. Fill me with your trust, your grace, your unending reassurance.
Help me to see and believe at the core of my soul and spirit that I am ALWAYS guided, loved and open to receiving help and divine assistance.
Help me to let go of my ego’s need to know, to control, and to hold on to this myself.
Help me to surrender to divine guidance and grace in all moments.
Help me find peace in the knowing that that there is a divine plan for life and soul, and that all I is accept it and trust that it will unfold perfectly.

I now release all ‘heavy lifting’ from my life. I now surrender to the path of grace, ease and flow.
Knowing that my life will unfold perfectly in divine timing, grace and perfection for all involved.

And in knowing and trusting – I am set free to simply be me.

You Are Already Leading the Way…

In this context we all becomes the leaders of change in our own worlds … the light-bearers who lead the way, creating smooth ripples of divinely inspired progress for others to follow. And the wake that we leave in the midst of our ‘smooth sailing through life’ becomes the holy record of our transcendence to a new way of being, living and turning up in our world.

Affirmation for today: “I am open to receiving Divine Grace, Help and Assistance”

I wish you much grace, peace and flow on this exciting journey that we are all taking.


Awakening an Extraordinary Life

“We are powerful creative beings that determine our future
with every thought we think and every word we speak.”

Cheryl Richardson

Just finished reading a great excerpt from a the book “You can Create an Exceptional Life” by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson.

Some mornings I will just wander through my bookshelf seeking out something that will give me a little inspiration, direction or guidance. Often I will just open up to a page and see what the first words are that stand out to me. As far back as I can remember my guides, angels and helpers in spirit have always provided intuitive guidance to me via the books I find or read. Makes me think I could have been a librarian in a past life!

Its funny, but sometimes I think we overcomplicate our lives. In the search for greater happiness, success and meaning, its easy to lose track of the fact that we are always connected to spirit, that we are always an extension of the divine source that flows through us, and through everything.

Our thoughts energy and vibration are consistently drawing to us or repelling what we do or do not want. So it goes without saying the conscious awareness of our thoughts, our intentions and our words in each moment becomes a lesson in expanded spiritual development and transformation.

So this morning as I turned and opened this book … I came across the personal story of how Cheryl Richardson at a moment when she was feeling stuck and held back in her own life visited friend Wyatt Webb, author of its ‘Not About the Horse’. Wyatt created the Equine Experience a process that uses horses as a mirror to show how we as human beings relate with each other.

Wyatt had sensed that Cheryl had been holding onto some unrepressed anger. So he took her to one of the horse stables, and simply asked her to send her thought and intention out to a horse in the corner – and get it to turn around. As you can imagine Cheryl was a little bewildered at the question, yet proceeded to go ahead with the request. Try as she might, nothing happened.

Have you ever experienced this in your own life? Where no matter how hard you ‘try’, how much effort you put into attracting or creating something – you just seem to end up with nada, zero, nothing!

I know I have, and the reality is it’s frustrating, limiting and causes our own energy to contract, rather than expand.

So do we allow our life, business, relationship intentions to manifest with greater ease? Here are a few keys I’ve picked up along my journey – that may help!

 1)      The Power of Intention is in Your Heart – Not Your Head

Often in my coaching, healing, guidance and mentoring sessions with clients, I’ll often ask them a question, and its interesting to see where their energy first flows. In most cases as human beings we are so conditioned to go straight to our heads in search of the answer. In many ways we have made the head the ‘king’, not realising that our hearts are in fact the ‘queen’ – and as we know the women in every household usually gets her way!

In the story of Cheryl Richardson and the horse, Wyatt could see that Cheryl was trying to expert ‘effort’ through her mind to achieve the result. However effort, hard work and striving will only get you so far in the energetic era that we have entered into. Noticing this, Wyatt had the awareness and presence to ask her to stop trying with her head, and instead push the energy, and intention out with and through her heart. The result? You guessed it. The horse did a lap of the stable and turned around to face her directly!

The moral of the story – the greatest results will often come with greater flow and ease when we realise that it is our deepest heartfelt intentions that have the power to manifest more gracefully and easily, if only we would allow them.

2)      Infuse Your Highest Emotion (Energy in Motion)

Intention is thought vibration. All energy and vibration needs a stimulus, a force to enable it to travel and move through space. Your emotion is in fact energy in motion. Therefore when you associate high vibration energy with your highest intent you provide the catalyst for major transformational change.

Through his study of consciousness Dr. David Hawkins discovered that Love, Gratitude, Feeling Blessed and Compassion were some of the greatest energies around. When we weave these emotions into the tapestry of our intentions, we create high level convictions. Energetic impulses of though vibration that permeate the ether and establish themselves in ways that literally pull together our intentions into physical reality. From spirit, to thought, to conceptualisation, to formation, to realisation – we are always constantly evoking and creating our world a new in each moment. With every breath, every heart beat – your essence – and your presence is liberating life into form.

3)      Intention + Attention + No Tension

When you create with intent it is helpful to check in and see what expectations you are holding onto. As human beings we have a natural tendency to seek safety and security. Our past hurts, upsets and disappointments create the energetic barriers that often seen to keep us separated from our highest good.

Just think for a moment? Have you ever wished for something that you really, really wanted – but it never eventuated? Maybe it was a desire to be with a certain person in relationship. Maybe it was a need to create and have greater finances. Maybe it was the need to have a certain person in your life behave and react in a certain way.

So, how did you feel? Where did you feel it? Did it leave you with a feeling of love, worthiness and confidence? Or did it leave you feeling unworthy, fearful and disappointed?

Our greatest intentions often manifest with the greatest ease, when we simply allow ourselves to let go of the tension. Often this tension comes from our past experiences. Yet by letting our energy flow, by allowing ourselves to trust, we create a greater conduit for universal energy to manifest into form. All we need to do – is to allow our intention and attention to harmonise and to project it through our hearts with love. Then await and act upon the divine guidance we receive.

4)      Surrendering to Uncertainty and Vulnerability

Many of us have heard the old saying “you’ve got to surrender”, “you just have to Let Go and Let God”. But often this is easier said, than done in practice!

Why do we feel it hard to let go? Because as human beings we naturally seek to be safe, secure and certain. Our ego selves often have a hard time comprehending a space where we can step into uncertainty, where we can embrace the vulnerability of a moment, and not have to know the answer or do something.

So how do we really let go? By first noticing where our inner-motivations for what we want to create and manifest in our lives is coming from. Is what you want coming from fear or love? Is what you feel attached to really a need to hold onto something you believe is missing or incomplete in your life? A need to be loved. A need to be appreciated. A need to look good?

What ever you perceive as missing in your life will keep you attached to it. Surrendering therefore requires a need to do an inner stock take. To let go of the unhealthy attachments that no longer serve or support you.

5)      Life Reflects Your Worthiness

Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t always reflect back to you what you most expect, but who you really are?

Have a read of that statement again. Let it sink into your presence. For within it is the key to allowing your best and magical life to present to you. Your self-worth and self-image exists at the cornerstone of your ability to powerfully manifest and create what you want in life. But you will only attract that which you are internally ready to receive.

Therefore the key to releasing your highest good is to begin with self-acknowledgement and self-appreciation. Unless we appreciate ourselves, love ourselves and acknowledge ourselves on a daily basis, our self-esteem and self-image will be defined by other people’s opinions and projections.

You are the author of your life. You dictate each moment what you are willing and ready to receive, and what you are willing to settle for. Change your inner-expectation and value of yourself, and you automatically change the value that the universe, God and Divine Source desires to rewards you with.

3 Simple Shifts for Living More Fully In This Moment

3 Simple Shifts for Living More Fully In This Moment

A few weeks back I attended a conference in Melbourne which had international author, speaker, pastor, social activist and professor of sociology, Dr. Tony Campolo as their guest speaker.

It was a great event … yet there was one message that Tony shared that continued to stay in my mind days after the event had ended.


You see, Tony a former spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton was visiting Australia as part of a series of speaking engagements for humanitarian organisations Compassion and World Vision.

Tony CampoloBeing only 78 years young Tony shared some amazing stories of inspiration, hope and possibility via an array of inspiring metaphors and analogies that really provoked my spirit, and challenged me to ask a deeper question …

 “Was I ‘really’ living each moment with aliveness?”

At one point he shared the story of how several years ago while delivering a talk on sociology he turned to one of his young students and simply asked “Young man, how many years have you lived?”.

The student somewhat bewildered by the simplicity of the question replied “24 years”. As if seeing the opportunity to delve deeper into the young man’s life experience, Tony replied “No. Not ‘how many’ years have you lived”

But how many moments have you ‘really lived’ … with complete aliveness, with full presence, and an inspired connection to everything around you?

Overcoming Our Addiction to ‘Busyness’

Isn’t it interesting … while all of us may think at some stage think that we are really living, instead we are simply have allowed ourselves to become slaves to busyness, to habit, to the status quo, captives of the comfort zone.

Many chase the material – but miss the wholeness within!

Our truly alive moments are those that ignite our souls, that challenges us to step out and partake of adventure, that leave us feeling like…

  “Yes I did contribute something of value and significance to the world today”.

Too often it can be easy to fall into the trap of nurturing and maintaining certainty in our lives, when our higher selves quest for so much more.

When actor Morgan Freeman was asked why his film The Bucket List co-starring Jack Nicholson was so focused on death, he responded by saying that it wasn’t about death, but more so about how to live every precious moment of life fully.

The 3 Simple Shifts

We need to constantly remind ourselves that each and every day above ground is a ‘gift’, the opportunity to do something new, the chance to live more fully, and to love more openly.

So here are 3 simple ‘shifts’ that can help you engage, embrace and accept more of the ‘life’, ‘fulfilment’ and ‘aliveness’ in your life:

1. Engage Uncertainty

In life it can be too easy to run away from the situations which challenge us to step into uncertainty. For uncertainty has the potential to bring up fears, doubts and shortcomings.

Yet it is in the face of courage, when we step our of the comfort zones, and into the growth and our adventure zones in our lives that we are most free. Free to follow our dreams, to be all we can be, to live fully in our greatest light.

Engaging Uncertainty is therefore an oxymoron, for it holds within it the seed of possibility and freedom for our lives. Take one step towards ‘engaging uncertainty’ in your life each day, and you will begin to see the true courage within you rise.

Question to Consider: How can I powerfully engage uncertainty in my life today?

Affirmation for Success:  Whatever happens – I’ll handle it!

2. Say Yes to Opportunity

Have you noticed how easy it is to say ‘no’ to the opportunities in our lives?

When we are in harmony with our own hearts, souls and spirits. When we are embracing the highest aspects of our being on purpose, then opportunities start to present themselves that are in harmony and synchronicity with our highest intentions.

The key is to first get clear, of the emotional and past baggage that often keeps us captive and separated from our highest self. This is the key reason I created the Soul Path Intelligence program – to helps people simply learn to get themselves out of the way, to find their unique way back home to themselves!

Once you are clear – your job then becomes one of assessing the opportunities that present to you each day, and following those that resonate with your heart, that bring you expansion and fulfilment. But to do this you must be willing to say ‘Yes’ to the opportunities when they present!

Question to Consider: How can I embrace the fullness of my life today? Where do I need to say ‘Yes’?

Affirmation for Success:  I say ‘yes’ to life – and all of life says ‘yes’ to me!

3. Live One Day Spontaneously

Are you attached to your daily routine? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone! While your routine keeps you feeling safe and comfortable, it also is one of the greatest barriers to experiencing aliveness.

I remember going on holiday to Thailand several years ago, and it literally took me 3-4 days before I could fully unwind, settle into the resort/beach clothes and not think about thing I had to do. So wouldn’t it be good to have a spontaneous holiday/vacation in your own life once a week, once a month?

So take the challenge … pick one day this month where you can just live spontaneously – no plans, no watch, no agendas, no routine – just doing whatever you feel like in each moment – spontaneously. If you need to … put on the beach clothes – take yourself out of your familiar environment and allow your soul, your inner-child the freedom to play, explore and just be.

I know you will find it liberating!

Question to Consider: If there were no plans, if there was no routine or demands on my time… how would I love to live fully today?

Affirmation for Success: When I am present – I am free to experience the beauty of this moment


3 Keys to Attracting Greater Success in Life

Finding Hidden Opportunities

For centuries there has been continuing debate over whether our ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’ is defined by divine providence, by chance or just pure downright luck.

But the blending of science and the new fields of quantum research are now showing us that maybe our ‘soul paths’ are not so much directed by influences ‘beyond our control’, but more so from our own unique ability as human beings to set an intention, to make a powerful decision for our lives, and then taking constant and consistent action.

As a musician I’ve been avidly following the latest series of American Idol and The Voice Australia. What always fascinates me about these ‘ reality music shows’ is how ordinary everyday people, who often doubt their own abilities, or question their own right to ‘shine on the world stage’, often make it through to the finals, and then on to live lives where they get to do what they really love – and best of all – get handsomely paid to do it!

Even in these latest series we were inspired by the lives of 18 year old Harrison Craig in Australia, and 20 year old Lazaro Arbos from America, both who experienced severe stuttering and social anxiety while speaking, but who had the unique gift of still being able to inspire and touch the lives of millions through their singing. Both summoned the courage, the willingness and humility to put them selves ‘out there’ on the world stage.

Accessing Your ‘Cubic Centimetre of Chance’

Both of them engaged the ‘magic’ that author Carlos Castenda refers to as “their cubic centimetre of chance”.

“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimetre of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimetre pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess, to pick it up.”

So for this month’s post I thought I would share 3 key insights that can help every individual, every business owner, and every leader ‘open up’ to the incredible opportunities that are presenting themselves in front of you each and every day

Insight #1 : Opportunities Are Everywhere – But Get Clear First

It’s a funny paradigm, the moment you start saying ‘Yes’ to life – then life starts saying ‘Yes to you!

Each and everyday opportunities are presenting themselves to us, whether it be a chance meeting in a café, a sign on the car in front of us, a wrong phone call that comes through when we least expect it. The reality is that when we have set a purpose for our lives, when we have gotten clear on our own intentions and life goals, and when we are clear from all limiting beliefs and patterns that hold us back – then life simply re-presents to you what you have been radiating and reflecting internally all along.

In fact UK mentalist and hypnotherapist Derryn Brown conducted an interesting study where went to a small village in country England and found a man who considered himself unlucky, and who believed “good things don’t happen for me”. For almost two weeks, Derryn placed lucky opportunities around him, from winning a lottery ticket on the ground, to organising a big billboard truck with the words “You have Won a Prize – Please Call 9828 2929” passing by right in front of him.

So what happened? In all situations that Derryn presented the man did not even see or recognise a single one! Why? Because his past mental conditioning and programming meant that his brain and consciousness simply avoided the opportunities, almost deleting them from his awareness all together.

The moment the man began to consider the possibility that he was lucky, and that good things could happen for me – his life began to change forever. But first he had to clear within himself first!

So how do you notice, accept and take advantage of these opportunities?

Get clear in yourself first – Only when you feel clear internally, will life reflect back what you truly desire. So get clear on your dreams, get clear on your purpose, get clear on what you are willing to receive, and then watch what turns up in ‘your reality field’.

Insight #2: Step Beyond Fear and Awaken the Power of ‘Yes’

So what do you do when opportunities start presenting themselves to you?? Just say  “Yes”

Yes is one of the most powerful words that we have in our language. It has the possibility to create multi-million dollar business deals, it has the potential to allow us to accept a marriage proposal, it has the power to encourage the first steps that our children take on their life journeys.

But what inadvertently happens as adults is that we become conditioned to our natural ‘fear response’. In the face of opportunity it can become all too easy to say ‘No’ and remain in our unconscious comfort zones, than to say ‘Yes’ and accept the power we have to live an adventure in each moment.

So the lesson? Watch the movie “Yes Man” staring Jim Carey. It will awaken you to the power and possibility to transform our lives, just by using this one simple word.

Then get used to saying to yourself “Yes I can”, “Yes I am allowed”, “Yes I am good enough”, “Yes I am worthy of success” and “Yes I am ready” when the perfect opportunities start presenting at your door!

Insight #3: Give Up the Excuses and Start Moving

The final key to taking advantage of the synchronicities and opportunities in your life is to:

Start Giving Up The Excuses

Its all to easy to make up countless excuses for why our business is not making money, why our marriage is not working, why are lives feel empty and lack meaning.

It is much harder though to look deep within our hearts and souls and admit the truth. That wherever our problems and challenges seem to rise up and manifest – we somehow manage to be there!

In these moments we need to be honest with ourselves. We need to look deep within and ask “Am I truly being the person in this situation that I was divinely created and crafted to be?”

If the answer is no, then look at who you really need to become on the inside, in order for you to experience the nourishment, love, rewards and success you deserve on the outside.

Just Start Moving and Take Inspired Action

Its very hard to attract opportunity to you when you are stagnant, stuck, or not moving. Life energy follows motion, it follows courage, it follows faith and action.

Once you have let go your excuses, its time to take powerful action towards creating what you want. This action is inspired action – not force. It is the action that presents seamlessly and magically when ‘preparation’ seems to meet ‘opportunity’.

In these moments, you know in your heart that you are on track. That life and the universe support you, and that your destiny is assured. All you have to do is say ‘thank you’ and take action to claim the destiny that awaits you in that moment.

Remember ‘The universe loves speed’
and it takes courage to follow your own heart and soul.

It takes faith to act when the path is not clear. It takes resilience to get back up again and hold true to your greatest dreams, even when all around you say that what you desire to create is ‘not possible’, ‘not practical’ or ‘not realistic’.

All great leaders were once visionaries with an almost impossible dream. So do not be afraid. Do not hold back. Instead light the flame so that all those who see and recognise your light will be inspired to do the same.

And if you really want to get clear in yourself and unlock the hidden opportunities in your life make sure to book in for our next Soul Path Intelligence™ program. You can find out more at www.soulpathintelligence.com